Rigel 1.15.0. Karlsen and ZIL dual mining, auto-conversion to bitcoin

Rigel – This is a cryptocurrency miner for Nvidia video cards. If you’re a miner who just wants to make a good profit if/while the Karlsen (KLS) craze continues, you should check out our quick guide on how to maximize profits from dual mining Karlsen (KLS) and Zilliqa (ZIL) using the latest Rigel miner 1. 15.0 (Nvidia only), and use the Unmineable mining pool to automatically convert your mined KLS to Bitcoin (BTC) or KAS or any other supported crypto coin. This way, you don’t need to rely on your local Karlsen console wallet or deal with exchanges to sell your mined coins.

This is very similar to how NiceHash works, but NiceHash has not yet listed KLS, so there is no need to wait and you can act now. In addition to the Rigel miner, the latest version of GMiner (Nvidia only) has also added support for Karlsen and ZIL dual mining, while BzMiner, lolMiner and SRBMiner-Multi only support Karlsen. We like the performance and ease of use of the Rigel miner, and if you’ve previously used it to mine KAS on GPU, it’s very easy to switch your config to Karlsen mining by changing the algorithm and wallet address.

GitHub: https://github.com/rigelminer/rigel

Here’s a sample command line to get you started:

rigel -a karlsenhash+zil ^
-o [1]stratum+ssl://karlsenhash-eu.unmineable.com:4444 -u [1]BTC:WALLET_ADDRESS ^
-o [2]stratum+tcp://eu.crazypool.org:5005 -u [2]ZIL_WALLET_ADDRESS ^
-w WORKER_ID --log-file logs/miner.log --no-strict-ssl ^
--cclock 250 ^
--lock-cclock [1]1750 --lock-mclock [1]807 ^
--lock-cclock [2]1050 --mclock [2]1000

The above example is ready to use and set up on RTX or similar GPUs, it uses the Unminable service for Bitcoin payments (be sure to specify your address) and Crazypool for ZIL mining (be sure to specify your address), then also specify your WORKER_ID. Like KAS, Karlsen doesn’t need a lot of memory, so you can lower the clock speed to the minimum and keep the GPU frequency higher, using the maximum offset your cards can handle, to reduce power consumption.

Make sure you include your mining wallet addresses in both of the above URLs so you can see your own stats!

You can check the extraction status on the website:

For Unmineable: https://unmineable.com/coins/BTC/address/YOUR_BTC_WALLET_ADDRESS
For Crazypool: https://zil.crazypool.org/#/account/YOUR_ZIL_WALLET_ADDRESS

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