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Has the cryptocurrency market finally woken up?

The cryptocurrency market has finally woken up, everything is actively growing and blazing green lights. Capitalization per day jumped by almost 10% to $ 274 billion. Trading volumes also increased. In general, the bulls are now on horseback, we are confidently going to conquer the nearest peak at $ 6800.

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Binance will support the coming hard fork Ethereum Constantinople.

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, announced that it would support the upcoming hard fork Ethereum Constantinople. The outlook for the Ethereum network looks positive as the development team prepares for their long-awaited update. The update in Constantinople will be one of the main driving components that will help simplify the transition from the PoW […]

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3 tips for beginners in a bear market cryptocurrency

If you still do not know what to do when the cryptocurrency market falls, this article is for you. 1. Learn cryptocurrency trends and understand the main indicators The best way to cope with the volatility of a bear market is to carefully prepare. While others begin to panic and make rash decisions, you will […]

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Is the exchange rate of the national currencies influencing the course of the crypto currency?

The US dollar is gradually losing its purchasing power, and the national currencies are depreciating. Against the backdrop of these events, bitcoin is gaining increasing value, despite the high volatility. The course of the crypto currency is influenced by economic factors that reduce confidence in traditional currencies, as well as numerous sanctions and strict economic […]

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Alternative to Bitcoin-Litecoin.

Appeared on October 13, 2011, which makes it one of the oldest crypto currency. The Litecoin project was conceived and created by Charles Lee as an alternative to Bitcoin, whose code was taken as a basis, with several notable changes and improvements, such as reducing block generation time, using different hashing algorithms, and reducing the […]

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How to survive a newcomer in the market of crypto currency?

These arguments inevitably receive support in social media, spreading with incredible speed. Beginners are inclined to believe such statements: due to lack of knowledge about financial markets, they become especially vulnerable. This leads to the development of pessimistic sentiments, which do not allow them to develop, because in their understanding it is useless to learn […]

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What will happen with bitkoynom? Bitcoin will drop to $ 100

Some of the prominent economists continually defend the crypto-currency criticism, using the absence of the intrinsic value of virtual coins. They believe that at one point BTC will trade at $ 100, and this will be the fairest price. The most famous of the critics of digital assets are Joseph Stiglitz, the former chief economist […]

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