Trezor Suite Wallet Guide

Trezor – is a hardware wallet that provides enhanced security for offline cryptocurrency transactions. Trezor, which is a small, single-purpose computer, makes secure payments without exposing private keys to a potentially compromised computer. To accomplish this, Trezor stores private keys away from the Internet and validates transactions within the device.

Interaction with Trezor devices is via a browser-based interface Trezor Suite, which is incredibly easy to use for both new and existing cryptocurrency users. This new interface was introduced at the end of January 2022.


Supported cryptoassets: Trezor supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and custom tokens, and the list is constantly growing. Trezor currently supports over 1500+ different coins and tokens.

Make sure that you do not send other cryptocurrencies to Trezor wallet addresses that are not on the official list; if you do, you will not be able to access these funds.

Download Trezor Suite

Download Trezor Suite from the official website:

This program allows you to interact with and access any of the Trezor products: Trezor Model T, Trezor One.

Once downloaded, run and install Trezor Suite. The following window should appear on the screen.

Customizing Trezor Suite

Connect your Trezor wallet to your computer and click the “Start Setup” button.

Before pressing the Trezor Setup button, make sure that the packaging is intact and the holographic seal has not been tampered with.

Connect the TREZOR Wallet to your computer using the USB cable provided. The TREZOR Wallet screen should display a lock icon and instructions prompting you to go to

Make sure the device is properly connected.

Installing the latest firmware version

Since the Trezor comes without firmware, the first step is to install the latest version by simply clicking the “Install Firmware” button.

Creating a new wallet, recording the recovery phrase

To create a new wallet, tap the “Create New Wallet” button and follow the instructions on your device. A new and unique wallet will be generated on your device, which will store all your accounts and addresses.

After selecting “Create New Wallet”, you will be prompted to choose the standard Recovery Seed Backup process. The next step is to create a backup by writing your Recovery Seed phrase on the included Recovery Seed Card. Simply click the “Create Backup” button to begin the process.

Trezor will then produce a list of words.

Write down the words displayed on the Recovery Sheet, being careful not to make any mistakes. Repeat this process until all 24 words have been recorded.

The recovery passphrase will be displayed on the screen of the device. Write down the words displayed on the recovery sheet, being careful not to make any mistakes. Repeat the procedure until all 24 words have been recorded.

It is strongly recommended that you keep more than one backup copy of the recovery password.

If your Trezor is lost or stolen, you can easily recover your funds with another Trezor or any other compatible wallet.

Setting the PIN code

In the “Set New PIN Code” window, a blind matrix keyboard will appear on the right side. Focusing on the digits displayed on the device screen, simply select with the mouse cursor the corresponding digits in the 3×3 matrix to set a new PIN code.

We recommend choosing the Standard wallet as the default initial wallet.

Wallet access

Your Trezor Suite should be ready to go. The control panel and portfolio should appear on the main screen.

To receive a payment, select the account and click the Receive tab. The receiving address must be verified on your Trezor device by clicking Show Full Address. Once verified, copy the receiving address and share it to receive the funds.

The wallet address will be displayed on the screen and will appear on the Trezor device.

Copy the wallet address by clicking the Copy button. This is the Trezor device wallet address used to receive cryptoassets.

Make sure you only send compatible assets to the wallet. It is always best to double-check your wallet address before sending coins.

Trezor Wallet Review


  • Proven track record over the last five years in the marketplace
  • Cold Storage wallet, disconnected from the Internet.
  • Supports over 1500+ coins and tokens.
  • High level of security for the device and the user.
  • A well-known company and a brand that is trusted.
  • Affordability for all budgets and preferences.


  • Requires a computer and a little technical knowledge.
  • Not all cryptoassets are supported by Trezos.
  • Recovering the information is the only way to gain access.

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