XMRig v6.20.0. Download and configure CPU/GPU miner

XMRig — CPU/GPU Miner with support for RandomX, KawPow, CryptoNight, AstroBWT and Argon2 algorithms. Works on processors and video cards of both types (Nvidia and AMD). Supports all operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD. XMRig is popular in Monero (XMR) mining.

The standard miner commission is 1% (the miner mines for developers 1 minute every 100 minutes of work). However, the commission can be increased if desired, or even completely turned off.


  • open source
  • High performance
  • Official Windows Support
  • randomx support
  • Nicehash Support

Download XMRig miner

Download latest XMRig 6.20.0 for Windows and Linux:


Release: v6.20.0

  • Added new ARM processor names.
  • Added new CMake options ARM_V8 and files ARM_V7.
  • Added API rebinding poll.
  • Fixed compatibility with hwloc 1.11.x.
  • Added x86 to README.md.
  • Fixed: CUDA loader error also appears on Linux.
  • Added support for Zephyr coins for solo mining.


Below is a table of algorithms that XMRig supports. For each of the algorithms, the memory requirements for one mining thread are shown.

NameMemory VersionDescriptionNotes
argon2/chukwav21 MB6.4.0+Argon2id (Chukwa v2).CPU only
cn/ccx2 MB6.2.0+Conceal (CCX)
kawpow6.0.0+KawPow (Ravencoin)GPU only, not supported by xmrig-proxy
rx/keva1 MB5.9.0+RandomKEVA (RandomX variant for Keva).
astrobwt20 MB5.8.0+AstroBWT (Dero).
cn-pico/tlo256 KB5.5.0+CryptoNight-Pico (Talleo).
rx/sfx2 MB5.4.0+RandomSFX (RandomX variant for Safex).
rx/arq256 KB4.3.0+RandomARQ (RandomX variant for ArQmA).
rx/02 MB3.2.0+RandomX (Monero).
argon2/chukwa512 KB3.1.0+Argon2id (Chukwa).CPU only
argon2/wrkz256 KB3.1.0+Argon2id (WRKZ)CPU only
rx/wow1 MB3.0.0+RandomWOW (RandomX variant for Wownero).
cn/fast2 MB3.0.0+CryptoNight variant 1 with half iterations.
cn/rwz2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with 3/4 iterations and reversed shuffle operation.
cn/zls2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with 3/4 iterations.
cn/double2 MB2.14.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with double iterations.
cn/r2 MB2.13.0+CryptoNightR (Monero’s variant 4).
cn-pico256 KB2.10.0+CryptoNight-Pico.
cn/half2 MB2.9.0+CryptoNight variant 2 with half iterations.
cn/22 MB2.8.0+CryptoNight variant 2.
cn/xao2 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight variant 0 (modified).
cn/rto2 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight variant 1 (modified).
cn-heavy/tube4 MB2.6.4+CryptoNight-Heavy (modified).
cn-heavy/xhv4 MB2.6.3+CryptoNight-Heavy (modified).
cn-heavy/04 MB2.6.0+CryptoNight-Heavy.
cn/12 MB2.5.0+CryptoNight variant 1.
cn-lite/11 MB2.5.0+CryptoNight-Lite variant 1.
cn-lite/01 MB0.8.0+CryptoNight-Lite variant 0.
cn/02 MB0.5.0+CryptoNight (original).

Setting up and running XMRig

In order to mine coins you need:

  1. Download program
  2. unzip to any convenient place
  3. edit the .bat file with the desired coin (change the wallet to your own)

The contents of the compiled miner looks like this:

The process of mining cryptocurrencies is started by double-clicking on the start batch file or application.

Let’s consider the setting in more detail.

Configuring .bat file for XMRig

To mine coins on the randomx algorithm, we need to create or edit a ready-made batch file for the coin you need. These are the basic settings that are enough for mining.

  1. xmrig – this key will indicate which program will be launched. We leave it as is. For Nvidia, specify xmrig-nvidia
  2. -a randomx — specify the algorithm. For Monero, we leave this one. For coins on the cryptonight-lite algorithm, specify it
  3. -o pool.supportxmr.com – specify the address of your pool. In this example, we have supportxmr, because at the time of writing, it received the highest number of positive reviews
  4. 5555 — after the address of the pool, through a colon, specify the port of the pool. dwarfpool has 8050
  5. -u 4ALcw9nTA…r34HNroSAZ — specify the address of your digital wallet after the -u key. Get it on the cryptocurrency exchange, or install a cold wallet
  6. —donate-level=1 — set the miner’s commission. By default it is 5%. level=1 means 1%

You can add the “pause” key at the very bottom of the batch file, so that in the event of a program error or incorrect syntax of the .bat file, the program does not immediately close, but displays the error code and description on the screen.

Payment ID is now not required. Specify only the address of your wallet!

On this basic setup of the miner, you can complete and run the program.

CMake Options


  • -DWITH_CN_LITE=OFF disable all CryptoNight-Lite algorithms (cn-lite/*).
  • -DWITH_CN_HEAVY=OFFdisable all CryptoNight-Heavy algorithms ( cn-heavy/*).
  • -DWITH_CN_PICO=OFF disable CryptoNight-Pico algorithms (cn-picoand cn-pico/tlo).
  • -DWITH_RANDOMX=OFF disable RandomX algorithms (rx/*).
  • -DWITH_ARGON2=OFF disable Argon2 algorithms ( argon2/*).
  • -DWITH_ASTROBWT=OFFотключить алгоритм AstroBWT ( astrobwt).
  • -DWITH_KAWPOW=OFF disable the KawPow algorithm (kawpow).


  • -DWITH_HWLOC=OFF disable hwloc support. In most cases, disabling this feature is not recommended. This feature adds an external dependency to libhwloc (1.10.0+), except for MSVC builds.
  • -DWITH_LIBCPUID=OFF disable built-in libcpuid support, this feature is always disabled if hwloc is enabled, if both hwloc and libcpuid are disabled autoconfiguration for the CPU will be very limited.
  • -DWITH_HTTP=OFF disable built-in HTTP support, this function is used to support the HTTP API and daemon (solo mining).
  • -DWITH_TLS=OFF disable support for SSL / TLS (secure pool connections). This feature adds an external dependency to OpenSSL.
  • -DWITH_ASM=OFF disable build optimization for modern CryptoNight algorithms.
  • - DWITH_EMBEDDED_CONFIG=ONEnable embedded configuration support.
  • -DWITH_OPENCL=OFF disable the OpenCL backend.
  • -DWITH_CUDA=OFF disable NVIDIA CUDA backend.
  • -DWITH_NVML=OFF disable NVML (NVIDIA Management Library) support (this feature is only available when CUDA is enabled).
  • -DWITH_MSR=OFF disable MSR mod and Ryzen 1st Gen patch.
  • -DWITH_ADL=OFF disable ADL (AMD Display Library) or sysfs support (this feature is only available when OpenCL is enabled).
  • -DWITH_PROFILING=ON enable developer profiling.
  • -DWITH_SSE4_1=OFF disable SSE 4.1 for Blake2.
  • -DWITH_BENCHMARK=OFF disable the built-in RandomX benchmark and stress test.
  • -DWITH_SECURE_JIT=ON enable secure JIT memory access. OFFby default on all operating systems except macOS with an ARM processor.
  • -DWITH_DMI=OFF disable DMI / SMBIOS reader.

Debug Options

  • -DWITH_DEBUG_LOG=ON enable debug logging (mainly network requests).
  • -DHWLOC_DEBUG=ON enable some debug logging for hwloc.
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug enable debug build, only useful for investigating crashes, this option slows down the miner.

Special assembly options

  • -DBUILD_STATIC=ON build a fully static executable, this option only works properly on Alpine Linux and FreeBSD.
  • -DXMRIG_DEPS=<path> path to precompiled dependencies.
  • -DARM_TARGET=<number> override ARM target, possibleзначения 7(ARMv7)  8(ARMv8).
  • -DUV_INCLUDE_DIR=<path> custom path to libuv headers.
  • -DUV_LIBRARY=<path> custom path to libuv library.
  • -DHWLOC_INCLUDE_DIR=<path> custom path to hwloc headers.
  • -DHWLOC_LIBRARY=<path> custom path to hwloc library.
  • -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=<path> set path to OpenSSL.
  • -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=clang -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++ custom C and C++ compiler.

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