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Cryptocurrency market review 08.11.19

Cryptocurrency market review on 11/08/19

Cryptocurrency market review on 11/08/19: So per day, bitcoin fell by 1.12% and is trading at $ 9217. Other cryptocurrencies are also traded in the red zone. The price of Ethereum fell 1.82% and is now at around $ 186. XRP fell 5.2% and is trading at $ 0.28. Bitcoin Cash fell 2.48%. The coin […]

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Coins on the Minter blockchain - a new highly profitable topic Coins on the Minter blockchain - a new highly profitable topic

Custom Minter Coins

Coin Economics Minter Article I. Custom coins of the Minter network. The uniqueness of the Minter network is that any user can create a custom coin and instantly exchange it for both BIP and any other coin on the network. This instant liquidity became possible due to the fact that each coin is provided with […]

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What you need to know about Litecoin cryptocurrency

Some cryptocurrencies, especially those that appeared at the very beginning of the emergence of the cryptoindustry, did not offer a completely new technology, but used Bitcoin code as a base. As a rule, developers have upgraded the very first cryptocurrency code, trying to improve it. However, not all improvements were accepted by the Bitcoin community, […]

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The analysis of the Montero crypto currency (XMR)

Today, let’s talk about such a wonderful crypto currency, like Monero or XMR – crypto currency based on the CryptoNote protocol, oriented to increased anonymity of transactions. Crypto-currency appeared on April 18, 2014 as a fork Bytecoin (such a description you will find in wikipedia). Surely many people have heard about it, and not always […]

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