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MSI Afterburner - Теперь без поддержки MSI

MSI Afterburner Now without MSI support

Alexey’s most popular overclocking tool will now work without MSI support. The reason for this is the ongoing war in Ukraine, resulting in problems with licensing. Due to sanctions, companies like MSI are unable to fulfill their obligations under the contract signed with the developer. Alexey himself lives in Russia. MSI Afterburner as software without MSI support? Thus, “the project is probably dead”. Alexey “Unwinder” Nikolaychuk confirmed that the Afterburner project may be on the verge of cancellation.

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End of Ethereum mining on Proof-of-Work POW

A group of programmers led by a Canadian engineer Vitalik Buterin has developed the ETH cryptocurrency. The second largest cryptocurrency market in terms of market capitalization is Ethereum, and the coin is considered the most advanced digital asset. Compared to other blockchains using PoW consensus, transactions on the Ethereum network are processed much faster. But flexibility in using automated algorithms is the most significant advantage of Ethereum (smart contracts). It is mined only on video cards. Nevertheless, in the world of cryptocurrencies, there is an opinion that mining on the Ethereum GPU is coming to its end. The end of Ethereum mining is unknown. The transition of the network from the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm will largely determine the solution of this issue.

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The value of altcoins decreases as bitcoin grows.

In 2021, the bitcoin industry experienced a further upswing. Large corporations have openly invested in bitcoin. Even some countries, such as El Salvador and Cuba, have adopted the first cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Throughout the year, the market was mainly driven by bitcoin. The cryptocurrency grew by more than 60% from January to December (from $28.94 in January to $47.68 in December). In November, the purchase price rose to $68,000. The value of other coins has also increased. This growth, however, does not correspond to the expected “altcoin season”, which disappointed investors. The same thing happened in early 2022. Only a small part of the coins contributed to the regional expansion of BTC. The rest had a slight negative. You need to find out what influences the exchange prices of digital currencies and how they relate to the behavior of the flagship in order to understand why altcoins are falling and bitcoin is growing.

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Binance crypto exchange will stop support of USDC, PaxDollar, TrueUSD

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will end support for USDC stabelcoin and forcibly convert it to its own Binance_USD (#BUSD). On September 29, Binance will forcibly convert user assets from USD Coin to Binance USD. The same will happen with two smaller stabelcoins, PaxDollar and TrueUSD, which are also forcibly converted to the exchange’s Coin. This not only promises inconvenience to users, but major problems for Circle Internet Financial, which is the issuer of USDC and was planning to go for an IPO. After such actions, Binance may take the leading place in the market of stabelcoins and make its subordinate Binance USD the largest in terms of capitalization.

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The event that could change Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies forever

There was a time when cryptocurrency was just one cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Around that time, the former Magic: The Gathering Online exchange, which was quickly forgotten about, was converted into a bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox. A few months later, after a change in management, Mt.Gox was processing more than 20,000 transactions a day while bitcoin was trading at $1 – just imagine being invested in crypto at the time, geez. Despite some hacking attacks, the exchange continued to grow in value at an impressive rate. At one point, according to Miles Deutscher, 70% of bitcoin transactions were made on that exchange. Nothing but impressive. For context, at the time, the only cryptocurrencies in existence besides Bitcoin were Litecoin and Namecoin, so a huge percentage of crypto transactions were taking place on Mt.Gox. However, in June 2011, the situation changed for the worse.

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