Download Blockchain Drivers for mining AMD Radeon RX470/570/480/580


Blockchain Drivers for mining AMD Radeon RX470/570/480/580

Due to the huge demand for video cards and their use in mining, AMD went to meet the miners and released special drivers for AMD Radeon video cards configured specifically for cryptocurrency mining. These drivers are initially tuned to improve performance in mining, I personally use them and recommend them to you.

There is only one point on Windows 7 that it makes no sense to bet that the developers have not finalized it and if you put them on the seven, no miner will start … in general, without options, install only on Windows 10. Another point when using these drivers, the old versions of AfterBurner do not work, install version no lower than 4.4.0

AMD drivers for mining can be downloaded on the official website of this company. The latest installation packages are available at:

Before downloading, you must select the version corresponding to the installed operating system. In this case, you also need to pay attention to its bit depth (mining is available only on 64-bit versions of the system, so you need to choose the appropriate drivers).

In 2017, a special version of the AMD Crimson driver was released, designed for mining, which can be downloaded at:

It does not require additional configuration and allows mining immediately after installation, which is quite convenient. This driver version is still relevant in 2020, but many miners prefer to install Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.8.2-Aug26, or other versions of the previous year. If you use the latest versions of the Claymore’s Miner and Phoenix Miner utilities, then by installing the August drivers of last year, you can get the maximum hash rate without flashing the BIOS of AMD video cards. But if you have Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain, then on-the-fly timing modification won’t work (at least in Phoenix Miner). Therefore, it is better to install the recommended driver version.

Important! When using the new AMD XT and Navi series video cards, it should be borne in mind that the Adrenalin 2020 Edition drivers are still very “raw”. For Windows 8, separate drivers are not released, in general, you can use the seven drivers, but there is no particular point in messing with this OS.

When using AMD hardware, it is recommended to install Windows 7 or 10.

How to install the driver correctly when building a farm

Инструкция по установке драйвера для AMD

If you install the driver on a clean operating system, then just download it and run the installation, then the program will do everything by itself. If you already had older versions of AMD Radeon drivers installed for mining, you must completely uninstall the old drivers.

AMD Cleanup Utility

Download on the AMD website at:

To do this, it is better to use the standard AMDCleanupUtility.exe utility to clean the system. Simple uninstallation through the operating system does not completely remove all files, so later mining may fail. This utility is by default located in the folder with AMD drivers under the path C: \ ProgramFiles \ Amd \ CIM \ Bin64.

  • After uninstalling, you need to reboot and run the AMD driver installation file. In this case, you will need to select the location where the new drivers will be unzipped (by default, this is the C: \ AMD folder), and then go through the standard installation procedure.
  • If you have not uninstalled the driver before, then you must select a custom installation, and in the next window select the item “Clean installation”. The set of installed components does not need to be changed. The most important of all the components is the AMD display driver and must be installed.


But if you are not sure that you can cope with this task, it is better to just uninstall the old driver and install the new version. When finished, be sure to patch the driver using the atikmdag-patcher utility. Otherwise, the rig might fail to start.

The installation procedure differs slightly depending on the version of the driver being installed and the operating system. As a rule, after installing the drivers, you need to restart the computer, after which you can check the correct installation of the drivers in Device Manager.


To do this, the easiest way is to press the key combination “Win + R” on the keyboard and enter the command “devmgmt.msc” in the window that opens. In the device manager window, double-click on “Video adapters”. The drop-down list will show all video cards installed in the system. They should not contain exclamation marks and information about errors. The version of the installed driver can be checked by double-clicking on a specific video adapter and selecting the “Driver” tab. Here you can view the development date of the installed driver and its version.

  • After installing the latest AMD drivers, you need to configure them for mining by enabling the compute mode. To do this, you can use the AMD Radeon Settings utility built into the driver, which, as a rule, is registered in autorun. If for some reason it does not load automatically, you can start it yourself by running the RadeonSettings.exe file in the folder: C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext.

In the opened window of the main interface of the AMD Radeon Settings program, go to the Games menu, where the General Settings tab is activated. In this tab, you can set various parameters for each AMD graphics card installed on the system. It is necessary to find the item “GP workload”, in which select the item “Calculate”. The program will offer to restart itself to save the changes. This procedure must be performed separately for each video card.

You can enable the calculation mode on AMD video cards in other ways:

  • By using AMD Compute Switcher, which can be downloaded from a trusted resource
  • By registering the value -y 1 in the BAT file for mining in the Claymore’s GPU Dual Miner or Phoenix Miner programs. This can also be done in the running console of these miners by pressing the English letter y. Ingode must be repeated to enable the calculation mode after updating Windows, which can be disabled by itself this mode and reduce the hash rate.
  • If the calculation mode is not enabled, the mining hashrate will significantly decrease, especially when mining cryptocurrencies with the Ethash algorithm, the most popular of which is ether.

All of the new AMD drivers have a compute mode required for mining.

A special version of the AMD Radeon driver for mining was released in August 2017, it significantly improved the performance of AMD drivers in mining. It does not require a special procedure for turning on the computer computing mode, but it may not support the latest video cards from AMD released in 2018. The installation procedure for this driver is the same as usual. It is necessary to clean the system of old drivers, run the installation file and install, following the standard installation procedure.

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