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download srbpolaris bios editor amd rx

SRBPolaris V3.5: Download BIOS editing software for AMD RX4XX/RX5XX

SRBPolaris is a software designed to edit bios on AMD cards. SRBPolaris V3.5 is the latest BIOS editor for RX 460/470/480, RX 550/560/570/580 video cards. Analogue Polaris Bios Editor Download Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1882656.0 SRBPolaris Features: unlock additional shaders on RX460; copying / changing memory timings; set factory parameters of cards; set GPU voltage parameters (Depends on […]

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Download Blockchain Drivers for mining AMD Radeon RX470/570/480/580

Blockchain Drivers for mining AMD Radeon RX470/570/480/580 Due to the huge demand for video cards and their use in mining, AMD went to meet the miners and released special drivers for AMD Radeon video cards configured specifically for cryptocurrency mining. These drivers are initially tuned to improve performance in mining, I personally use them and […]

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