SRBPolaris V3.5: Download BIOS editing software for AMD RX4XX/RX5XX

download srbpolaris bios editor amd rx

SRBPolaris is a software designed to edit bios on AMD cards. SRBPolaris V3.5 is the latest BIOS editor for RX 460/470/480, RX 550/560/570/580 video cards. Analogue Polaris Bios Editor

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SRBPolaris Features:

  • unlock additional shaders on RX460;
  • copying / changing memory timings;
  • set factory parameters of cards;
  • set GPU voltage parameters (Depends on VRM);
  • cooler speed;
  • And much more.

Important! After flashing the cards, you need to reinstall the drivers using DDU.


– Built-in timings from the developer
– Quick and easy copying of timings
– Timing editor
– Unlocking additional RX460 shaders
– Default GPU and MEM frequency editor
– Voltage editor GPU
– Other useful features

How to use SRBPolaris

Step 1 – Download the program

Official sources for download only: GitHub and the forum of the author of the program – BitcoinTalk.

Step 2 – Configure the program

Open the BIOS file of your video card. 

Step 3 – Start flashing Bios

You have now successfully completely modified your Polaris graphics card and reduced the voltage.



– Removed donation
– Added support for a few more cards
– This is the latest version, happy use


– Added power control limit
– Added mode selection for fan
– Med-High temp and PWM are now editable
– Added fan sensitivity and maximum limit
– Bug fixes


– Added support for RX550 maps.
– Minor bug fixes


– Added support for bios with 3 types of memory
– Added more options in the VDDCI drop-down list


– Added option to set `Vddc state flag` (state pointer), in some cases changing this value can help you change voltage
– Added support for several more cards


– Unlocking additional RX460 shaders
– Added support for Sapphire RX460 2G and 4G cards
– Added support for Sapphire RX560 2G and 4G cards


– Added support for PowerColor RX460 2G
– Fixed bug with changing pointer VDDC


– Added support for PowerColor RX560 4G
– Added support for Xfx RX560 4G
– Added support for Msi RX560 4G


– Added support for a few more cards
– Added some tips for manipulating voltage


– More efficient way to find vddc pointer
– Fixed bug when editing vddc


– Added support for RX 460/560 Baffin cards
– Added support for NCP81022 VRM
– In addition, added support for multiple 4XX / 5XX cards


– Editable parameters: VendorID, DeviceID and VendorID Subsystem
– Added “Low Power” option for Powertune
– Added “Number of Clock Stretchers” option for Powertune


– Added support for ASUS Expedition RX570
– Added support for XFX RX580 GTR
– Added more options for VDDC dropdown menu


– Fixed some bugs
– Added more VDDCI voltages before voltage modification type


– Added support for ASUS RX470 8G
– Added support for XFX RX580 8G
– And also added support for SAPPHIRE PULSE RX580 4G


– Now added support for SAPPHIRE PULSE ITX RX 570 4G
– Added support for MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC
– Added support for HIS RX570 4G
– Changed manufacturer detection code


– Added support for Sapphire RX570 4G Pulse
– Added support for MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC
– And also added length (in bits) displayed next to each field in the feed editor


– Added memory timing editor (BETA)
– Added support for Asus RX570 4GB cards


– Added support for XFX RX570 4GB cards
– Added support for editing unknown BIOS files (except def.frequencies and voltage)


– Added two types of modification for voltage change


– Added experimental support for RX5XX cards
– Added option to set target temperature

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2 Replies to “SRBPolaris V3.5: Download BIOS editing software for AMD RX4XX/RX5XX”

  1. this is probbly a dumb question but I have a dell notebook with the RX 460 (in the drivers it sometimes 460 sometimes 560 but never specifies whether its a mobile variant or not)

    basically, would there be any harm in trying this out on it?


    1. Hello!. SRBPolaris v3.5 is compatible with all RX4XX-5XX series cards, including RX 460/560. You can use it without messing around, the main thing is to do dumps before flashing the video card

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