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APMinerTool v1.0.11

Antminer Toolkit for ASIC: Download and configure. Instructions for use for Windows

Antminer Toolkit (Bitmain MinerTool) is software for any version of Antminer mining farms. Antminer is a professional mining equipment manufactured by BITMAIN). Antminer Toolkit is a set of tools for managing and monitoring Antminer mining farms, which also includes features such as updating firmware, restarting miners, scanning miners IP addresses in the local network, adding miner anti-virus function and miner overclocking function.

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ASIC FIRMWARE: Download for Antminer and instructions for their installation

How to flash ASIC Antminer 1. Antminer firmware is installed through the “upgrade” section, after which the “Mining Configuration” section gives you the opportunity to select the profile that you need. You can enable the “Asic Boost” mode also in this section if you wish. 2. Within an hour after selecting a profile, auto-tuning of […]

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