Antminer Toolkit for ASIC: Download and configure. Instructions for use for Windows

APMinerTool v1.0.11

Antminer Toolkit (Bitmain MinerTool) is software for any version of Antminer mining farms. Antminer is a professional mining equipment manufactured by BITMAIN). Antminer Toolkit is a set of tools for managing and monitoring Antminer mining farms, which also includes features such as updating firmware, restarting miners, scanning miners IP addresses in the local network, adding miner anti-virus function and miner overclocking function.

Antminer Toolkit (MinerTool) is software for any versions of Antminer mining farms. Antminer is a professional mining equipment manufactured by BITMAIN.

  • Support for all Windows 7/8/10 (x32 / x64bit) systems
  • Support for all Bitmain miners!
  • Support for fw upgrade
    • To configure the settings, you may need to first install the .NET Framework

How to use Antminer Toolkit?

  1. Download Antminer Toolkit
  1. Tips
  • If a virus warning appears during download, it is recommended that you try a different browser. The file is completely safe.
  • Extract the file before using it, otherwise errors will occur.
  • This tool requires Windows7 or above system. It cannot be used on XP and IOS systems.
  • The language of the tool automatically adapts to the system. It will be displayed in Chinese when the system language is Chinese, and in English when in-Chinesesystem is used.

Antminer Toolkit Features

  • monitoring and managing miners,
  • firmware update,
  • restart miners,
  • scanning the IP addresses of miners in the local network,
  • Version 1.0.11 adds a miner anti-virus function and a miner overclocking function.

Batch management

  1. Detection of miners in a specific IP range:
  • click “Miner Manager” to switch to the miner management interface.
  • click to activate “IP Editor”
  • click “+” to get IP address range D, E,
    double click each IP sector to change
  • Click Save.
  1. Click “Start Scan” to scan the configured miners.

After scanning the selected IP address range, a pop-up window will appear with the number of miners in each state (normal, low, other exception, lost, failed).

You can choose to display only those miners that have been successfully scanned according to your needs.

Batch Firmware Update

If the miners have a problem and the miner firmware needs to be updated, you can use the batch firmware update feature.

  1. How to work:
  • A: Click Refresh to switch interface.
  • B: Select the appropriate IP range where the miners are hosted, check “√” the miners that need to be upgraded.
  • C: Add Firmware (If you have not downloaded the firmware, click “Firmware Download Address -” for the first download. After downloading, click “Select Firmware” to download.) The firmware file does not need to be extracted, it can be downloaded directly.
  • D: Click “Add Firmware”, after the download is completed, a window will appear saying “Download successful”.

Overclock function

  1. Before overclocking your miners, you need to first update the latest feature-rich firmware on your miners.
  2. After updating the firmware, check APMinerTool if your miner can be overclocked

1) When scanning with a miner, check if the data is displayed in the “Mode” column. If there is data, you can overclock the miner.

2) Or you can enter the miner behind the scenes, on the “Miner Configuration” page, you can see the “Operating Mode” option and overclock your miner accordingly.

3) If there is no data in the “Mode” column of APMinerTool, it means that the latest multifunctional firmware has not been updated on your miner. Press the Overclock button, the message “The selected miner does not support the overclocking function” will appear, and if you do the check from the behind-the-scenes mode of the miner, in this case, there will be no column “Operating mode” on the “Miner configuration” page.

  1. Select the miners you want to overclock, click the “Overclock” button in the tool, select the appropriate mode and click to confirm.
  2. Wait for the miner to restart, the overclocking mode setting is complete.

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