Antminer Toolkit for ASICs (Download Bitmain MinerTool for Windows)

Antminer Toolkit for ASICs: Bitmain Miner Tool & Bitmain Tools

Antminer Toolkit (MinerTool) is software for any version of Antminer mining farms. Antminer is a professional mining equipment manufactured by BITMAIN).

  • Support for all Windows 7/8/10 (x32 / x64bit) systems
  • Support for all Bitmain miners!
  • Support for fw upgrade
    • To configure the settings, you may need to first install the .NET Framework

Antminer Toolkit Features:

  • monitoring and managing miners,
  • firmware update
  • miners restart
  • scanning IP addresses of miners on the local network.
  • Version 1.0.11 adds the antivirus miner function and miner overclocking function.


Detailed Guide to Using the Antminer Toolkit (Miner Tool):

Antminer Toolkit is applicable only to AntMiners and does not support miners of other brands.


  • This tool requires Windows7 or higher system. It cannot be used on XP and IOS systems.
  • The instrument language automatically adapts to the system. It will be displayed in Chinese when the system language is Chinese, and in English when in-Chinesesystem is used.
  • If a virus warning appears during boot, it is recommended that you try a different browser. The file is completely safe.
  • Extract the file before using it, otherwise errors will occur.

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