RigOnline. download and install for Windows

Service for monitoring the operation of mining farms (regs). You can also customize NiceHash monitoring. Personal accounts allow you to manage notifications (email, SMS) and view statistics for each ring.

Key features:

  • Easy and convenient registration.
  • NiceHash Warker Monitoring.
  • Detailed statistics for each device.
  • You can customize the device settings (temperature mode, number of video cards).
  • A graph of the graphics processor temperature is displayed.
  • Automatic system reboot is available (optional).
  • Technical support (by ticket).
  • The software is updated frequently.

Install RigOnline

  1. Download the archive from the website and unzip it.
  1. Run the installation file .exe
  2. After reading the terms of the agreement, you should check the appropriate consent box and then start installing the program.
  3. The program will start downloading to your computer.


RigOnline’s interface is very lightweight and easy to use.

This utility will suit both beginners and people with experience in similar utilities. This utility does not take much time to figure out.

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