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T-Rex Miner 0.26.8 - Настройка для ETH и Binance

T-Rex Miner 0.26.8: Download and setup GPU miner ETHW, ETC

A multi-algorithm mining program developed for NVIDIA video cards is called T Rex Miner. Cryptocurrency Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic and others can be mined with this mining program.

The command line program is called Miner T-Rex. This means that you can execute it either from the Windows command line or from the Linux console, or you can use a Windows batch file or a Linux Bash script to set up shortcuts for the specified command lines.

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GMiner v2.20: Download AMD/Nvidia GPU miner for Windows/Linux

GMiner is Equihash / CuckooCycle / Ethash / ProgPoW / KAWPOW miner for Nvidia and AMD cards. This program is mainly used for mining coins such as Grin, Beam, Bitcoin Gold. Fee is 0.65% for Ethash, 5% for BBC, 5% for Cortex, 3% for Cuckaroom29, 3% for BFC, 2% for all other algorithms

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New WildRig Multi v0.23.2: добавлена поддержка майнинга ProgPow/KawPow

WildRig Multi v0.23.2: added support for mining ProgPow and KawPow

GitHub: DOWNLOAD WildRig-MULTI v0.23.2 The newer version of WildRig Multi 0.23.2 brings some performance improvements and fixes a lot of bugs associated with small difficulties! Also good news is that the default development fee has been reduced to 1% (DevFee), so there is no need to use the additional command line option to do this […]

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ProgMiner - Ethereum ProgPoW miner with OpenCL, CUDA, CPU and stratum support

ProgMiner 1.1.2 – Ethereum ProgPoW miner with OpenCL, CUDA, CPU and Stratum

The Zano crypto project (ZANO) is relatively new, launched last year, like a PoW / PoS hybrid coin designed for e-commerce applications, according to developers with 1 ZANO unit. The project carried out a 1: 1 Boolberry coin exchange (BRR), but the most interesting is the fact that this is the first coin in which […]

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TT-Miner 3.2.2: Nvidia miner for ProgPoW, MTP, EAGLESONG, EPIC, ETHASH, Blake2S

TT-Miner 3.2.2 (TradeTec): Nvidia miner for ProgPoW, MTP, EAGLESONG, EPIC, ETHASH, Blake2S

TT-Miner 3.2.2 (Nvidia GPU miner) is a program for video cards of the Nvidia family. It is mainly used for mining on the ProgPOW algorithm. The miner needs about 4-5 minutes until he shows a stable hashrate.

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