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How to start mining Cortex (CTXC)

In most cases, the creators of cryptocurrencies duplicate the main functions of well-known coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, developers sometimes deviate from these themes and come up with new and distinctive features for their bitcoin projects. The Cortex currency, whose inventors combined blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and neural networking techniques, is a well-known example of such original cryptocurrencies. In this post, you will learn about the characteristics of this cryptocurrency, the mining process and possible earnings.

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lolMiner 1.0 alpha 1: OpenCL Miner с поддержкой Cuckaroo-30 для Cortex (CTXC)

lolMiner 1.0 alpha 1: OpenCL Miner with Cuckaroo-30 support for Cortex (CTXC)

GitHub: DOWNLOAD lolMiner v1.0 alpha 1 The latest update, lolMiner1.0 alpha 1, provides support for the Cuckaroo-30 mining used by Cortex (CTXC). To mine Cortex (CTXC) on an Nvidia GPU, you might want to use the latest version of GMiner, although lolMiner 1.0 alpha 1 should also work using OpenCL on Nvdia-based graphics cards, but […]

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GMiner v1.81: Download With Fixed display of the name of the worker Cortex

GMiner is a high-performance miner for AMD / Nvidia GPUs. Closed miner. Full list of available versions: https://crazy-mining.org/tags/gminer/ Changes: GMiner v1.81 – fix display of the name of the worker Cortex Fixed bug displaying the name of the worker for the Cortex algorithm GMiner Features: Supported algoritms: Requirements: Usage examples: 1) Bitcoing Gold: Code: miner […]

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