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Features of the Octopus mining algorithm (Conflux CFX)

On Octopus, mining will be carried out only for the Conflux currency (CFX) in 2022. Since the network is not very complicated, you can work with Nvidia 20 series graphics cards. The Octopus mining method actively consumes memory, being resistant to ASIC hardware. These characteristics make it a good candidate for working with a GPU. Octopus is designed to prevent ASIC mining and improve network throughput.

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Advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin mining in 2022

Digital assets are becoming less attractive as investments during the crypto winter. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency mining is still important. Arcane Research claims that an increase in the number of new users will lead to an increase in the hashrate of the Bitcoin network in September 2022. According to Crypto Quant experts, large miners have returned to their cumulative technique, and currency sales have sharply decreased. This dynamic foreshadows an impending turn of the market. If the forecasts come true, the best time to start may be in the fall of 2022. However, you must first develop a business strategy, study the industry and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of mining before investing in hardware. As a result, the risks will be lower, and profits may grow.

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