Advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin mining in 2022

Digital assets are becoming less attractive as investments during the crypto winter. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency mining is still important. Arcane Research claims that an increase in the number of new users will lead to an increase in the hashrate of the Bitcoin network in September 2022. According to Crypto Quant experts, large miners have returned to their cumulative technique, and currency sales have sharply decreased. This dynamic foreshadows an impending turn of the market. If the forecasts come true, the best time to start may be in the fall of 2022. However, you must first develop a business strategy, study the industry and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of mining before investing in hardware. As a result, the risks will be lower, and profits may grow.

What is mining.

All user actions are contained in the chains that make up the blockchain. Blocks cannot be deleted or modified after transaction verification because they are cryptographically secured. Mine workers can complete this task. They are rewarded with a certain amount of bitcoins.

Finding the right answer (hash) before other participants is the job of the miner. Processors, video cards, hard drives, and ASICs are examples of hardware used in computing. Participants with more powerful equipment are given an advantage.


Mining is still a popular method of passive income in 2022. You only need a basic understanding of PC and blockchain to get started. Although it is not necessary, the experience will be useful. Since mining does not take much time, it attracts users.

Cambridge University reports that the participation of the Russian Federation in bitcoin mining has increased by 100% since 2019 (from 5.9% to 11.2%). Other factors cited by experts in connection with the popularity of mining include the growth of cryptocurrencies and a simple launch.


You can keep your privacy while mining. Most pools provide official account registration without requesting personal information. You only need a bitcoin wallet and the IP address of your computer to show up for work. The minted coin is not tracked by industry monitoring. It will be very difficult to determine the identity of the user using indirect data if you withdraw money from services without authentication, such as exchangers.

Prepared for work.

Before starting any work on the farm, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. The search for spare parts, purchase, assembly and configuration of equipment can take an average of two to three months. Miners will be able to purchase a full-fledged farm in 2022. Such a transaction saves a lot of time and money. Equipment suppliers will develop a business strategy and provide free advice on bitcoin. The buyer is provided with a warranty for components and installation, often for up to one year.

In addition, huge data centers and pools provide rental space. The advantage of such services is that they have a low entry barrier (they can start from $ 100-200). However, there is a chance to run into scammers who act on the principle of a financial pyramid. For remote mining, you will need:

1) Choose a reputable capacity building service provider. 2) Determine the likely profit using an online calculator. 3) Buy a contract, thirdly.

The profit will be credited every day to the investor’s cryptocurrency wallet or to the balance of the service. In the second scenario, after manually collecting the required minimum amount of money, you will need to withdraw them.


You should assess the company’s risks before starting production. Beginners often make these mistakes:

1) Use outdated hardware. Inexperienced miners purchase used video cards that fail almost immediately after purchase in order to save money.

2) Purchase or lease of industrial premises at a price below the market. Scammers often make such offers. Buyers either receive low-quality goods or incur financial losses.

3) Get a loan for the purchase of equipment. In the event of a downturn in the market, newcomers will be forced to sell their equipment cheaper to cover their expenses.

4) Ignore the security of cryptocurrency storage. There is no need to accumulate earnings on an exchange account. Customers suffer financial losses when hackers gain access to a centralized service. It is wise to choose a storage device that is not associated with hardware or desktop storage. In such circumstances, users store private keys and access the network as needed.

Payback risks.

Miners were able to recoup the cost of equipment in 6-8 months at the height of market expansion in 2020-2021. Coin quotes affect the prices of equipment. The cost of a regular Asic in the summer of 2021 ranged from $15 to $17,000. New equipment can be purchased for 7 001 – 10 000 dollars in the fall of 2022.

Participants who opened their business at the peak of their development suffered losses related to equipment costs. Due to a serious market correction and the growing complexity of the networks, daily revenue fell sharply. American and European consumers have witnessed an increase in electricity prices. These elements increase the payback period of the equipment.


The high cost of spare parts is one of the key disadvantages of mining. Due to the increasingly complex nature of top-end networks, coin mining will only be effective in 2022, when it will be carried out using the latest models of ASICs and GPUs. Three to four months after the launch of the next model, the gadgets must be upgraded to maintain profitability.


On the coins they mine, miners earn money. Even experienced analysts have difficulty predicting quotes far ahead.

The value of the coins fluctuates. During its existence, the bitcoin market has experienced three corrections of more than 80%. This was followed by consolidation stages lasting two to three years. At this time, miners suffer losses. As long as they can continue to profit from electricity, the major market players will continue mining. The high cost forces users who do not have a reserve of resources to leave.

Premises and electricity.

Many miners start their work from home. However, you will need a powerful method that will heat up and create a lot of noise if you want to earn significant money. The risk of fire is high, since the electrical wiring in an ordinary apartment was not intended for such use. In this context, lawmakers plan to adopt a measure in 2022 prohibiting mining on private property.

The space for mining cryptocurrencies should be well furnished:

1) Installation of a cooling system (water or air conditioning). 2) Create sound and thermal insulation. 3) Perform high-quality electrical wiring while keeping the power supply handy.

Modernization of communications is a complex and expensive process. Production should be stopped for the duration of the work. The cost of equipment related to mining will be from 1 to 2 million rubles. Farms cannot be used for installation:

1) In case of an emergency, the bomb shelter must be cleared in less than 24 hours. 2) The building will vibrate with office activity. 1) Basement: due to humidity and the possibility of flooding.

In addition, there is no need to place the equipment on the floors above the ground floor due to the large weight of the floor and the complexity of installing the cooling system. The ideal choice is a garage or a separate storage room. It should be borne in mind that the transformation of the structure into a huge farm will cost at least 1 million rubles. Only large miners can afford such costs. Renting cells in data centers is easier for novice users.


Mining digital currency is a dangerous occupation. There are several aspects that affect the company’s performance (network complexity, hashrate, the ability to overclock devices, and others). You should assess the danger before starting work. Without a thorough business strategy, there is a significant likelihood of financial collapse. The table below lists the main advantages and disadvantages of mining.

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