XMR-STAK-RX – Download CPU & GPU AMD NVIDIA Miner Monero RandomX

XMR-STAK-RX – This release only supports RandomX variants. This is the first bug-fix release for xmr-stak-rx. There is no dev fee of any kind. AMD GPUs under linux require the AMD driver, ROCm is not supported. NVIDIA GPUs require CUDA 9.0 or newer. The minimum required amount of main memory on a GPU and/or CPU is ~3GiB.

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Xmr-Stak 2.6 optimization +5-10% Cryptonight_heavy [DOWNLOAD for Windows]

GitHub: Download XMR-Stak v2.6 (Cryptonight_heavy) A program for mining coins on algorithms of the CryptoNote family (cryptonight_V8, cryptonight_lite, cryptonight_lite_v7, cryptonight_masari, cryptonight_v7, cryptonight_v7_stellite, cryptonight_haven, cryptonight_heavy). XMR-Stak 2.6 – This release contains kryptonite and small OpenCL-AMD optimizers. Precompiled binaries for Linux are back. Configuration files from 2.5.X are compatible and 2.4.X or later are NOT compatible with […]

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