XMR-Stak v2.5.1 cryptonight V8 download and configure


The new miner from xmr stak, the distinctive features of which, it is suitable for all graphics cards (Amd, nvidia), as well as for processors. Here you can download and configure it. The miner xmr stak also works on the updated cryptonightv8 algorithm. If you do not know, the Monero network has updated the algorithm to protect against ASICs.

Download XMR-Stak

Xmr stak v2.5.1

Xmr stak miner works only on win64 (x64), which we will configure in the article, as you understand xmr stak win64 immediately for gpu and cpu. Old miners that are separate for CPU, AMD and NVIDIA on the new xmr algorithm will not work.

Once downloaded, you need to unpack in a convenient place for you. Further we will configure xmr stak bat.

Xmr stak setting

We have 2 ways, either configure the xmr stak config, and run xmr-stak.exe or create a batch file in xmr stak, it has already been created and configured under the nanoppool if you downloaded from us.

Configuring a config txt file or using xmr stak exe is more difficult.

After we downloaded and unpacked the miner, we need to edit the start.bat file by right-clicking on it and edit it.




You will see something like this where:

-O and then the address of the pool where you will mine, in our case

-u and then the address of the xmr wallet, the worker and the email, but there is one, but

u ADDRESS.PAYMENT-ID.WORKER / EMAIL – if you mine to the exchange where there is a PAYMENT-ID

-u ADDRESS.WORKER / EMAIL – if you are mining a local wallet or exmo

Leave the rest as is, and save.

Xmr stak how to run?

Then start the start.bat file and mining went. You will create 2 files, configs for the video card and the processor, and a common config.

If you want to disable cpu or gpu in xmr-stak separately:

If the processor, then you need to go to the file cpu.txt and leave there only the entry “cpu_threads_conf”: null,

if the video card, then you need to go to the file nvidia.txt or amd.txt and leave there “gpu_threads_conf”: null,

Other versions miner XMR-Stak:

Полный список доступных версий:


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