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Как майнить NEOXA на видеокартах NVIDIA и AMD

How to mine NEOXA on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs

Are you looking for a new coin with passive income in 2022, doing home cryptocurrency mining? Do you want to get an alternative coin with a low capitalization, but great potential? After the ETH 2.0 merger, are you looking for something to mine? Check out NEOXA, a brand new currency for miners who want to benefit from GPU mining in 2022.

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How to choose the perfect operating system for mining cryptocurrencies?

When creating mining farms, it is important to consider both software and components. To configure it, you will need the appropriate operating system. This should ensure that the linked visual maps are functioning, the mining program saves processing resources, does not contain viruses and has no weaknesses. It is believed that the best operating systems for mining are Windows or Linux. In addition to them, there are HiveOS, RaveOS and additional software.

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