NBMiner v26.2 – performance improvement on coin ETH and CKB

NBMiner v26.2 – A program for mining Bytom, Ethereum and Grin on Nvidia and AMD GPUs. NBMiner is a mining software that runs on both AMD and NVIDIA, it is made to make it easy for miners to get started and it doesn’t have too many things to complicate things. NBMiner has some unique commands that you can use, and it also currently supports LHR mode, which helps you use LHR GPUs more effectively for mining. More on this later in the commands section. 

GitHub: https://github.com/NebuTech/NBMiner/releases

Changes and Innovations in v26.2:

  • Performance improvements on AMD, on ETH and CKB coins, as well as performance improvements on Nvidia, on CKB coin
  • Bug fixed in version 26.1: Crash on launch on AMD rigs

Key features of NBMiner:

  • Windows and Linux support.
  • Backup pool configuration support.
  • v
  • Dev Fee:
    • tensority_ethash 3%
    • tensority(Pascal)2%,tensority(Turing) 3%
    • ethash 0.65%
    • cuckaroo & cuckarood & cuckatoo & cuckoo_ae & cuckaroo_swap 2%
    • progpow_sero 2%

First, consider the options for the quickest start, and then let’s move on to a detailed review of all the commands and features of this programs.

Starting and Configuring NBMiner

For the quickest start, it will be enough:

  1. Download archive with the program
  2. Unzip to any convenient place
  3. Change wallet to your own in a file with the extension .bat

The archive with the program contains ready-made examples for Grin, Ethereum + Bytom, a configuration file, as well as instructions in Russian.

OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2 (download) – a tablet (patch) for video cards with GDDR5X memory to maximize the hashrate.

open_web_monitor — html file for monitoring the program through the Web interface.

Quick Launch Examples


  1. Edit file «grin-f2pool.bat»
  2. Change the username from the pool.

The program starts by double-clicking on the file with the extension .bat

Let’s now look at the setting in more detail.

  1. nbminer is the name of the program to run.
  2. -a cuckarood indicate the algorithm of the mined coin.
  3. o stratum+tcp://grin29.f2pool.com after the construction -o stratum + tcp: // specify the address of the pool.
  4. :13654 put a colon and indicate the port of the pool
  5. -u rgz after the -u switch specify the wallet address or login on the pool. Wallet can be opened at any convenient and secure exchange, or put an official wallet from coins.
  6. .default put a point and indicate the name of the farm (any)
  7. 😡 put a colon and specify a password (usually not required, so x)
  8. -long-format display the program log
  9. -log create a log file named log_.txt.
  10. -di 24 indicate the intensity of the program (for dual mining)

A ready-made example of what we ended up with for the Grin coin using the cuckaroo29d algorithm

nbminer -a cuckarood -o stratum+tcp://grin29.f2pool.com:13654 -u rgz.default:x -long-format -log -di 24

Example for Ethereum + Bytom dual mining:

nbminer -a tensority_ethash -o stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221 -u 0x0034335cc77e2e2b84c53683ef96c25e1486d5f3.dmdefault -do ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -du 0x360d6f9efea21c82d341504366fd1c2eeea8fa9d.dmdefault -log -di 16

How to start NBMiner

You can run the program by double-clicking on the file with the desired coin and with the extension .bat

  1. ALGO: cuckarood the program reports the algorithm we have selected
  2. URL: stratum+tcp://grin29.f2pool.com:13654
  3. USER: rgz.default:x login, worker and password
  4. ID 0: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11264 MВ, CC 61 device to be used and its temperature.
  5. Logging in to grin29.f2pool.com:13654 attempt to establish a connection to the pool
  6. Login succeeded connection successful
  7. New iob from grin29.f2pool.com, ID: 71057520, DIFF: l.00 pool sent a new job for video cards
  8. #1 Share accepted, 3614 ms. [DEVICE 0] the first ball is accepted (share of work). You need to understand that the miner receives a reward for the sent balls.
  9. 0: 4.15 h/s hash rate

You can also see information about the cryptocurrency mining process via the web interface. To do this, double-click the open_web_monitor file

  1. farm status – online
  2. total program run time
  3. algorithm
  4. user, worker and password
  5. pool address and port
  6. statistics on video cards (hashrate, temperature, consumed power, fan speed, acceleration, core load, acceleration memory, memory load)
  7. pool statistics (difficulty, ping, accepted and not accepted balls)

For completeness, we will cover all possible command line arguments.

Command line arguments

If two commands are presented per line, then only one needs to be entered. The second is its synonym. Example: -h, -help are the same thing. Enter either -h or -help.

-h, —help Displays help.

-v, —version Displays program version information.

-c, —config Use json format configuration file instead of command line options.

Connection parameters for the pool:

-a, —-algo Choose an algorithm, tensority for BTM, ethash for Ethereum, cryptonightv8 for XMR and cuckarood for Grin.

-o, —url URL pool address. Examples:

  - BTM: stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221
  - BTM с SSL: stratum+ssl://btm.f2pool.com:9443
  - ETH: ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008
  - ETH с NiceHash: ethnh+tcp://daggerhashimoto.eu.nicehash.com:3353

-u, —user Wallet address or username on the pool. Examples:

- Формат: [username|wallet].workername:password
- Пример: bm1xxxxxx.worker      myusername.worker:password

-o1, —url1 Address for backup pool 1.

-u1, —user1 Username for backup pool 1.

-o2, —url2 address for backup pool 2.

-u2, —user2 Username for backup pool 2.

For dual mining:

-di, —secondary-intensity Relative intensity for ETH in dual mining. Recommended: 8 – 24, default 16.

-do, —secondary-url The address of the ETH pool in dual mining.

-du, —secondary-user ETH username for dual mining.

-do1, —secondary-url1 url address for the ETH backup pool in dual mining.

-du1, —secondary-user1 Username for the backup ETH pool for dual mining.

-do2, —secondary-url2 url address for the reserve pool 2 ETH in dual mining.

-du2, —secondary-user2 Username 2 for dual mining.


—temperature-limit Set temperature limit video cards, if it exceeds the specified one, the program will stop working video cards for 10 seconds and check if the card has cooled below a predetermined values. If so, then mining will continue, if not, there will be a pause extended. Example: –temperature-limit 75 means that when when the temperature reaches 75 °, the program will begin to pause and check every 10 seconds, whether the temperature has decreased to start again.


-i, —intensity Specify a comma-separated list of intensities for maps

—cuckoo-intensity Set intensity algorithms cuckoo, cuckarood, cuckatoo, [1 to 12]. Value 0 means automatic adaptation. Default: 6.

—cuckatoo-power-optimize Set this option, to reduce the range of power consumed by a fairway when mining with using the cuckatoo algorithm. Warning: setting this option may lead to a decrease in mining performance.

Program Stability:

—log Create a log file named log_ .txt.

—log-file Create your own log file. Note: this option will override ‘—log’.

—long-format Use the magazine format “yyyy-mm-dd-hh”

—RUN, —no-watchdog Disable watchdog timer.

—no-nvml Do not request cuda device health state when using ssl connection.

—reboot-times Reboot if the watchdog reports an error several times. Interface:

—no-color Do not use color output in the console.

—fidelity-timeframe Set timeframe for calculating accuracy, unit of measurement per hour. Default: 24.

—device-info Show detailed information for each connected device.

—device-info-json Show detailed information for each connected device in json format.

Other settings:

-d, —devices кlist the video cards to use. Format: “-d 0,1,2,3” for using the first 4 GPUs.

—strict-ssl Validate certificate using SSL connection.

-api Host and port for servicing the REST API.

—grin29-fork-height Change “height” to check if the algorithm changes automatically when grin29 makes a hard fork. Default: 262080

Problem solving

The program crashes or does not start

If the program does not work stably or crashes, then you need to increase the virtual memory of the system:

NBMiner v26.2 настройка windows

We expose the page file in the system

Control Panel \ All Control Panel Elements \ System – Additional system parameters – Advanced tab, then Options, again the Advanced tab.

We find the Virtual memory settings, click Change. Remove a tick from the item “Automatically select the size of the swap file” and put checkbox “Specify size”. Specify the desired size in MB (Example for 6 cards – 45000). Click on the Set button. Reboot the farm.

Failed to login mining pool, please check mining pool username

The connection parameters to the pool are incorrectly specified in the username key (pool login or wallet address)

Other miner versions NBMiner:

Full list of available versions:


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