A video card error code is 43. Windows stopped this device.


A video card error code is 43. Windows stopped this device.

Error 43 displayed in Device Manager is a generic error code that indicates a driver problem or a device.

You can relax a bit, look: jokes and jokes about bitcoin. When you start Device Manager and check the properties of the AMD Readon device, you can see the error message “The Windows system stopped this device because it reported a problem. (Code 43) »

This means that the AMD Radeon device on your PC can not work properly. Windows 7/8 / 8.1 support only 4 video cards by default, In WIndows 10 – these restrictions are not available. Contents: Fixing the error with driver patching Reinstalling OS and drivers Hardware problems How to fix the error code 43 AMD Radeon Error 43 – qualifies as driver signature error, it may appear after BIOS firmware flashing, or after installing more than 4 video cards per 1 farm. In 80% of cases it is a device driver error, this problem is solved by installing a patch.

Let us consider in order the variants of solutions to this problem:

1 Method – we fix error 43 using patch drivers.

We use the program atikmdag-patcher-1.4.6 (click here for download) Extract the archive and run atikmdag-patcher.exe with a double click. In the window that appears, you will see the “Found” column – this means that the program has detected the files that need to be patched. Click “Yes” and restart the computer immediately. If the error is gone, congratulations! If after the reboot, not all the video cards lost error 43, then the system had time to contribute before shutting down the computer.

1 Running atikmdag-patcher.exe. In the program window it will be written: “Restore from backup?”, Click “Yes”

2 Run the atikmdag-patcher.exe again. In the program window it will be written: “Patch found values”, click “Yes” and reboot the computer. If error 43 has not disappeared, then proceed to the next step.

2 Method. Reinstalling drivers and operating system.

If the problem occurs with nvidia graphics cards, then we simply remove the drivers via the control panel. If the problem has arisen with AMD graphics cards, then download a special utility – softportal.com/ddu. Run the program and remove the driver. Download the new driver from the official site. For AMD, we download a special version for mining – a link. Installing the driver. If the error is gone, everything is fine, if not, then reinstall the operating system (use a different version from the current one), install the driver and then patch. If this also did not help, we proceed to the next method.

Ошибка 43 майнинг ферма

3 Method. Equipment check.

Connect only one video card to the PCI-E slot on the motherboard without a riser, and check if the additional power cable is connected to the video card. Start the computer, if the error is gone, then the problem was in the riser. Perhaps it will be interesting: where and what to buy risers PCI-E If the video card was stitched, then download the original BIOS and install the video card in the motherboard, if the error is gone, then the firmware was incorrectly executed. If the error also remains, then try to install another video card, just in the PCIE slot of the motherboard. If the error has disappeared, then the previous card is not working, carry it under warranty to the store.

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