The choice of an exchange for the storage and sale of crypto currency


The choice of an exchange for the storage and sale of crypto currency

As far as I know, rarely anyone keeps their crypto currency in their electronic wallets, as a rule, crypto currencies are used for this, since it is much more convenient and you can have a lot of wallets for different currencies and at the same time get access to them very quickly and just as quickly withdraw or change their savings. I want to share my experience using crypto-exchanges and on what I finally stopped.

The first exchange on which I registered is HitBTC

Криптовалютная биржа hitbtc

The first time I was quite pleased with her, she worked quite consistently the only drawback is the lack of a Russian-language interface, but with this it was quite possible to live. But not everything is as good as it seems on the exchange, certain problems with the withdrawal of the air began. With the support is very difficult to communicate, in general barely brought all the money, I do not want to contact them any more, although the exchange is not small and has been working for a long time ….

The second exchange with which I encountered is Exmo

Биржа Exmo

This is also not a small exchange, but there is already a more pleasant moment such as the Russian-language interface, so the support here works very well and is online. But it was not without problems, but fortunately they are much easier to solve here. I tried to pass the account verification, went partly because I was required to confirm the place of residence in the second part, I attached scans of account statements for communal payments, I did not like that the name was patronymic in abbreviated form, in general I went to take references, etc., I’m not interested in my opinion, …. But not the essence after even partial verification becomes the function of withdrawing money directly to the card without exchangers and the like, tried to do it and then a little disappointment, within 2 hours money was not sent written support, said up to 3 working days to wait , waited, again nothing … wrote again … in short, after 2 more days all the same came. In addition, there is a commission for the withdrawal of the ether:

Коммисии за эфир

If you print in small amounts, it is very expensive, if large it is quite tolerable, as a result, I aired from there completely merged altogether, only zcash since everything is quite acceptable here.

Further, I also use the Bittrex exchange

Биржа Bittrex

This is one of the largest crypto-currency exchanges, just the minus I’ll say right away there is no Russian-language interface, but a clear advantage is a large number of available for auction and exchange of coins, in particular there I store bitcoins and Decred, by the way after bitkoin fork, I easily added bitcoin gold, . The media saw a lot of information about the fact that on this exchange a lot of accounts were blocked without any apparent reasons, etc., he did not face it himself, went through verification without any problems and quickly enough. I do not know about the problems of others I have with this stock exchange everything is fine so that I can only share my experience.

And the last and most liked by me the stock exchange is

Криптовалютная биржа Yobit

I use it recently, but I want to say that I am very pleased, I will explain why:

Adequate commissions
A clear Russian interface
Quickly and easily withdraw funds
High exchange rates relative to other exchanges
Perhaps this kit should be enough for a quiet life, but of course looking for information on the Internet and about them there were negative and positive reviews, so maybe everything, I hope the problems I will not arise. In any case, I try to keep the currency on different exchanges as it is more reasonable and reliable, even if some exchange collapses, I will lose only a part of the assets. On this all I hope my experience will be useful to you.

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