Bminer 16.1.0: Download With Support for BFC and Cuckatoo32 for Windows

Bminer 16.0.7: fast Equihash/Ethash/Cuckaroo29 miner for AMD/NVIDIA GPUs

DOWNLOAD: Bminer v16.1.0

It has been a long time since we talked about the new releases of Bminer, so we’ll note that the new Bminer 16.1.0 has arrived, which comes with added support for BFC and Cuckatoo32, and also fixes problems with fidelity in Cuckaroo29m and improved stability of ETH. mining. As for the reason why we did not consider this particular miner, this is not due to the lack of updates, but because of a specific problem that has still not been fixed in Windows. So half the reason is that we want to mention how users who have problems running Bminer on their Windows Nvidia GPUs can solve this problem now, and they don’t need to wait for a new version that will finally fix it.

Changes v16.1.0:

  • Fix fidelity issues on Cuckaroo29m.
  • Support for BFC and Cuckatoo32.
  • Improve stability of ETH mining.

As a reminder, Bminer is a closed-source Nvidia GPU miner available for Linux and Windows as pre-compiled binaries.

DEV-FEE: Grin, Beam, Bytom (BTM), Equihash, and Zhash coins are charged at 2%, 0.65% for Ethash, and 1.3% for Ethash and Blake double mining.

Fast start

  1. Download and extract Bminer to a folder (e.g. C: \ bminer or / home / bminer)
  2. Depending on the coins you want to get, find the appropriate script in the folder.
    • For example, the corresponding script is mine_grin29.bat (on Windows) or (on Linux) when mining Grin using the Cuckaroo29 algorithm.
  3. Change the address and account information in the script.
  4. Run the script and enjoy mining 🙂

If you started Bminer and received the error message “Failed to initialize the CUDA platform: CudaError: Failed to initialize the NVML library”, then nothing happened with your mining equipment, the problem is in Bminer. The reason is that the newer Nvidia GPU drivers moved the nvml.dll library that the miner uses to a new location, and Bminer looks for the NVML dynamic link library in a specific place, so even if you copy the DLL file to the same folder where the miner is everything will not work yet. If you are using newer Nvidia drivers, you will have to copy the “nvml.dll” file from the “\ Windows \ System32 \” folder to “\ Program Files \ NVIDIA Corporation \ NVSMI \” and bear in mind that you need to create the NVSMI folder there as it will not exist, then copy the dll. Starting Bminer after copying the library (do not move the file, otherwise other programs may stop working properly, just copy it!) To the specified folder, the error message should be fixed, and the miner should work normally again.

Important recommendations for using Bminer:

To achieve maximum performance of the XMRig miner, we recommend that you pay attention to the following utilities and software:

IMPORTANT! We can not guarantee for each third-party miner code, so you agree to use it at your own risk. We suggest that you do not use cryptocurrency wallets or have any access to any cryptocurrencies, confidential or important data on the same computer where you use the miner. Bminer will never request or use your private keys.

Note. Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later and Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable 2013. No additional installations are required if you are using Windows 7 or later. However, if you have problems starting the application (the application does not start or errors / warnings about missing DLL files are displayed), you should download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable 2013.

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