lolMiner 1.67 – improving NEXA mining performance

Lolminer 1.67 is the latest version that offers advanced support and performance of the Nexapow algorithm associated with Nexa. This update is expected to become a significant step forward in terms of efficiency and functionality. The performance of performance can vary depending on the type of NVIDIA graphic processors and can reach 35% depending on the developer, although it can also be a couple of percent. It seems that blocking video memory at a frequency of 5000 MHz really allows you to increase productivity, unlikely to leave it at a higher standard frequency or to reduce it too much (NEXA really loves a faster watch for memory in terms of productivity).

You can try to compare how the mining hash option -MCCLK 5000, which blocks video memory at a frequency of 5000 MHz, also do not forget to install the GPU’s tact frequency, as NEXA uses the algorithm more demanding on the GPU. The method of reducing energy consumption here is the use of the bias of the kernel clock to reduce the operating voltage of the GPU and, thus, reduce the power limit that you have probably already installed, this is the command line parameter-COFF, you can experiment from 200-300 as Values and see what works well on your GPU, if it is not stable at 200, then you can try to slightly reduce the GPU’s clock frequency.

GitHub lolMiner:

lolminer 1.67 Last changes


  • Improved NEXA performance on NVIDIA Toring graphic processors by about 35%+.
  • The NEXA performance on 8-gigabyte processors NVIDIA ampere has been improved by about 1.5% with unlotted memory and ~ 3% with blocked memory (5000). 10 gigabyte and more powerful processors received an additional increase in performance by 5%.
  • Improved NEXA performance on GPUs based on NVIDIA ADA by about 25% with blocked memory (5000) and about 8% with unlocked memory.
  • The Nexa Echelon mining protocol has been added to support the pools using it, for example, The desired format will be automatically determined when connecting to the pool using this protocol.
  • Webui is updated for Nexa mining and more than more pools.
  • Windows: updated graphic interface


  • Fixed a bug that caused scattered defects when mining on Nexa (all OS)
  • Fixed a display error when installing a power limit on the NVIDIA graphic processors, when the value went beyond the range, although it was normal. (all OS)
  • Fixed error in Nexa production when Shakhtar created only defects (Windows)
  • Fixed error in Nexa Mining when the miner fell silently in a few minutes (Windows)

Note 1: Each code update, especially so large as here, may require re -setting OC and UV parameters to achieve perfect results and stability.
Note 2: Memory blocking on the ADA graphic processors is recommended only if the clock frequency of the nucleus is also blocked and not maximum – with a high clock frequency of the nucleus in combination with memory locks up to 5000, the productivity will be reduced due to the worst memory timings.

General note: Nexa GPU codes are (and will be in the foreseeable future) joint work with Iedoc from Bzminer. Mining will be distributed equally, regardless of which of these two code options you prefer.

Example of Lolminer setting for mining Nexa:

lolMiner -a NEXA -p ssl:// -u nexa:nqtsq5g5s0l92tp2f5lzslrpyg0m86l5atdcav70dfdj8rdl.WORKER --apiport 4444

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