lolMiner 1.64: dual and triple mining ETC + KAS + ZIL

Double and triple mining Ethereum Classic + Kaspa + Zilliqa?

Dual mining or mining two different cryptocurrencies at the same time is a good way to optimize the performance and profitability of your GPU mining equipment, especially in times like now when profitability from mining is low. Zilliqa or ZIL has added a new level of traditional dual mining, where you usually mine a GPU coin and a memory coin on the same GPU because it only mines for a minute every two hours. This way you can double mine ETC + ZIL with almost no processing power loss for the second coin, but you can also add a third coin into the mix, a GPU-intensive coin, and thus try to increase your profitability even more. Dual mining is also possible on some ASIC miners, such as the iPollo series ETC/ETH miners. where you can mine Ethash or ETChash cryptocurrency together with ZIL, thus getting an additional 30% higher profit compared to regular mining.

Kaspa or KAS is an interesting and still little-known project, which only recently began to attract the attention of not only miners, but investors as well. A couple of days ago we discussed how you can start mining Kaspa (KAS) and since then the coin has almost doubled in value and grew in market conditions when most other cryptocurrencies were falling. So, if you haven’t yet checked out Kaspa (KAS) with its very fast block time and chain transfer, you should do so as it will become even faster in the near future. Also, don’t miss your chance to mine some coins now and get a really good profit in the future!

We are not going to focus on KAS now, here we are going to talk about dual ETC and KAS mining as well as triple ETC + KAS + ZIL mining. Etereum Classic (ETC) uses the Etchash algorithm with lots of memory, while Kaspa (KAS) relies on the kHeavyHash algorithm for mining, which is GPU heavy, so they are a great combination for dual mining and adding Zilliqa (ZIL) on top of mining. these two make a great triple for mining for optimal performance and profit. Of course, you can use not only ETC but also other cryptocurrency Ethash or ETChash paired with KAS and ZIL for triple mining, so the choice is yours. To answer your question before you ask, yes, we are currently mining ETC + KAS + ZIL on our Nvidia mining GPUs.

Mining ETC + KAS + ZIL in lolMiner

Here we will focus on using lolMiner for double and triple mining (latest version 1.62), although other miners such as Gminer and Bzminer for example also support double and/or triple mining, and the procedure there is similar, although the command line to start the miner may be different. At the moment we like the stability and performance of lolMiner the most, as far as Kaspa mining is concerned, but feel free to use another miner if you prefer it to lolMiner. The examples below use the mining pool for dual ETC + ZIL mining and the WoolyPooly pool for KAS mining, other mining pools should work but may require slightly different configuration settings. Don’t forget to replace ETC_WALLET, ZIL_WALLET,

Version 1.64 changelog

Feature updates:

  • Improved mining performance of Kaspa only. The speed increase is around 8-8.5% on Nvidia Pascal GPUs, 4.5-5% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere GPUs, and 3-4% on AMD Navi and Big Navi GPUs.
  • Beta feature: Added options to set core clock offset (–coff), memory clock offset (–moff), power limit (–pl), and fixed fan speed (–fan) on regular Nvidia GPUs . Administrator rights and Nvidia 520 or higher drivers required! The syntax is the same as –cclk and –mclk – if a single value is given, it will apply to all compatible GPUs, otherwise a comma-separated list can be specified using the * character to skip GPUs.
  • Added a new parameter –no-oc-reset to disable resetting overclocking settings when exiting the miner.
  • Windows: Added a beta interface for creating overclock settings strings/.bat files for the miner. Also, the tool can directly apply the selected settings.

How to start dual and triple mining in lolminer

Dual Mining ETC + KAS: lolMiner.exe --algo ETCHASH --pool --user ETC_WALLET.WORKER --dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool --dualuser KASPA_WALLET.WORKER

Triple mining ETC + KAS + ZIL: lolMiner.exe --algo ETCHASH --pool --user ETC_WALLET.ZIL_WALLET.WORKER --enablezilcache --dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool --dualuser KASPA_WALLET.WORKER

Now, even though we show you double and triple mining configurations, it really makes no sense not to take advantage of the triple mining option, as it will benefit you even more, since mining ZIL has almost no effect on the mining performance of the other two coins and the extra. the profit it will bring you is definitely worth it!

So with the above settings, the miner will try to maximize the hash rate of ETC mining and fill the available GPU resources with some KAS computation, so you will get almost the same hash rate for ETC and about 1/4 to 1/5 of the normal KAS hash rate compared to mining only KAS. On a setup with 6 RTX 3080 GPUs that provide only 570 MH/s ETC or 5500 MH/s KAS only, we get about 565 MH/s ETC and about 1400 MH/s KAS hashrate in triple mining plus an additional up to 30%. profit from mined ZIL in triple mining mode (without ZIL only in double mining mode). Of course, on different GPUs your results may differ, especially on slower video cards, but the extra hashrate and profit is still worth it.

As for the mining settings, you just need to return the GPU clock speed to the default value, if you have previously lowered the frequency for ETC/ETH mining, the memory clock speed and power limit levels should remain the same as for ETC/ETH mining. Of course, you can increase the power limit to get extra hash rate for KAS, but this will also increase the power consumption. The idea is to keep your ETC/ETH mining settings, including the power limit, so that you actually mine more with the same power consumption as if you were mining ETC only, for example.

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