How to mine Ethereum commission-free (Mining Ethereum NoDevFee v15.0)

Hello, I have spent a couple of months and now I am ready to post new version. It is very easy to use! You need to run it at the same RIG that works.

Linux version:


This program helps you to save you your money and earn more when you use Claymore’s Dual Ethereum
Miner. It reduses 1%(or 2% in Dual mode) fee.
DevFee will mine to your wallet but miner wil think that it mines Real DevFee.
It was tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7!

How to Use?

1) Download
2) Right Click at ZeroFee.exe->Properties -> Compatibility tab->Run As Administator -> Save
3) Open ZeroFee.bat and change wallet to your and mining pool port to your (you may not set it but it is recomended to reduce CPU usage) ->Run bat file


It was tested with it works perfect.
(I have additional 1.8mhs to my 176mhs with this software and)
You can test it with other pools and tell results here.

Why do you need it

I have 7 GPUs and nanopool shows me that I will get additional 1.975 USD/mo (and 3.95$ when I use dualmining with sia coin).


start ZeroFee.exe 0xYourWallet

Youtube video

Video tutorial contains:
 +How to setup
 +Stability test
 +Additional mhs at the pool

 Now works with Claymore v15.0 [img proof:]http://Fixed compatibility with
 Code improvements
 New Logo

 TCP packets checking speed is improved (checking function is replaced with assembly code to speed up checking)
 Fixed bug with automatic adding to startup(automatic adding to startup feature is deleted).
 New Logo

 Added automatic administrator privileges (thanks to @thereisnokappa)
 Not detectable by claymore’s miner
 Minor code improvements

 Added support of Support of Nicehash
 Added support of “-esm 0”, “-esm 1” , “-esm 2” and “-esm 3” arguments in you command line for claymore miner.
 Optimized allocation of memory
 New protection against Claymore miner detection
 You do not need to enter mining pool port in this version only wallet
 File structure optimization

 Reminder if you forgot to run it as Administrator
 Automatic adding NoFee.bat to the startup
 Design changes

 Works now even with Claymore Miner v9.4
 Major speed improvements
 Less CPU load
 Some bug fixes

 Fixed issues with blocking RDP,Radmin,TeamViewer

Now it works with nicehash, miningpoolhub & forks like ETC when you use “-allpools 1” at the Claymore’s miner.
Changed devFee priority:
                                 first time devFee sends shares to your wallet(15 min after start),
                                 second time Real devFee mining(1h after start),
                                 third time devFee sends shares to your wallet(2h after start),
                                 fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and all next times devFee sends shares to your wallet.
How to use it with nicehash:

Now it works with all pools (tested). Slightly improved stability.  Archive type changed from .rar to .zip


If this software stops working like this:

Try to install all
microsoft c++ 2010 redistributable
microsoft c++ 2012 redistributable
microsoft c++ 2013 redistributable

And then REBOOT your mining PC

If you have low hashrate ( < 200mhs) PLEASE read this message (

This post is also available in: Русский

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