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Widespread recognition of cryptocurrencies and the beginning of regulation in 2022.

Numerous analysts predict that in addition to the rise of cryptocurrency issues, government regulation of cryptocurrencies will begin in 2022. In the United States, 41 percent of respondents in a recent One Span survey agreed that better regulation of cryptocurrencies would increase interest by banks and big capital in investing in the industry.

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Binance crypto exchange will stop support of USDC, PaxDollar, TrueUSD

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will end support for USDC stabelcoin and forcibly convert it to its own Binance_USD (#BUSD). On September 29, Binance will forcibly convert user assets from USD Coin to Binance USD. The same will happen with two smaller stabelcoins, PaxDollar and TrueUSD, which are also forcibly converted to the exchange’s Coin. This not only promises inconvenience to users, but major problems for Circle Internet Financial, which is the issuer of USDC and was planning to go for an IPO. After such actions, Binance may take the leading place in the market of stabelcoins and make its subordinate Binance USD the largest in terms of capitalization.

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How to withdraw cryptocurrency: ways to withdraw BTC, ETH, XMR, RVN and other altcoins in fiat

BTC, ETH, XMR, RVN, and other altcoins get to your cryptocurrency wallet obtained by mining or buying on the exchange. You can store them until better times, expecting that in the near future the exchange rate will rise even more, and you will be able to sell your crypto-assets at a good price. Now it […]

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