BFGMiner v5.5.0: CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC miner for Linux/Windows

BFGMiner: CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC miner for Linux/Win


BFGMiner 5.5.0 is a modular cryptocurrency miner written in C. BFGMiner has the ability to dynamically clock, monitor and remotely interface.

  • Pros: powerful miner with many features, cross-platform, including Raspberry Pi
  • Cons: GPUs are not supported, suitable for more advanced users
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Unlike CGminer, BFGminer is designed specifically for FPGA and ASIC. And more focused on a thin audience, it has the functions of dynamic synchronization, monitoring and remote interface. In addition to the universal program, BFGminer is also cross-platform, including the installation option on the Raspberry Pi, which is quite convenient. Although a text-based interface, the interface is very simple, and you can use hotkeys to view the various options that it offers. Finally, BFGminer has a watchdog thread to detect free threads and restart them or stop failed reconnections to save you resources. Among the ASICs supported by BitMinter, you can find Antminer U1 / U2, Block Erupter USB, Red / Blue Fury and others.

Features BFGMiner:

  • A large variety of device drivers for Bitcoin (SHA256d):
    • ASICMINER Block Erupter blades, cubes, USB miners (Emerald and Sapphire), and Tube ^(
    • BFx2 Bitfury USB miner ^(
    • Bi•Fury ^(
    • Big Picture Mining Bitfury-based USB miners (BF1, RedFury, BlueFury) ^(
    • BitCentury LittleFury USB miners
    • Bitmain AntMiner S1 – S4 and S5 ^(
    • Bitmain AntMiner U1 – U3 ^(
    • BlackArrow Prospero X-1.5 ^(
    • BTCFPGA’s ModMiner Quad FPGA-based mining device
    • Butterfly Labs’s FPGA and ASIC mining products (BitForce, MiniRig, Monarch) ^(
    • Canaan Creative Avalon1/2/3 ASIC mining rigs ^(
    • The Chili miner assembly ^(
    • Cointamination
    • CoinTerra TerraMiner ASIC miner ^(
    • Drillbit Thumb and Eight ^(
    • DualMiner ASIC-based USB miner ^(
    • Enterpoint’s Cairnsmore1 FPGA mining board ^(
    • FPGA Mining X6500 ^(
    • GekkoScience Compac BM1384 USB stick ^(
    • HashBuster mining boards ^(
    • HashFast Baby Jet ^(
    • Intron/C-scape BitFury-based mining boards
    • JingTian miner ^(
    • Klondike boards ^(
    • KnCMiner Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune ^(
    • Metabank gen 1 (old) BitFury-based mining device
    • NanoFury NF1 and NF2 units ^(
    • One String Miner ^(
    • Qi Hardware’s Icarus ^( and Lancelot ^( FPGA mining boards
    • ROCKMINER 30 Gh/s R-BOX and T1 ^(
    • Spondoolies SP10 and SP30 ^(
    • Twinfury USB stick miner ^(
    • Ztex’s 1.15x and 1.15y FPGA boards ^(
    • OpenCL GPUs, such as AMD Radeons ^( (disabled by default, see README.GPU)
      • Kernels: Diablo, DiaKGCN, Phatk and poclbm
      • BFI_INT patching for Catalyst versions before 13.2
      • Vector support
      • Dynamic intensity that keeps desktop interactive under load and maximises throughput when desktop idle
      • Support for mining with free Mesa/LLVM OpenCL
    • CPU (not enabled by default nor included in Windows build)
    • Coming soon:
      • Halong Mining DragonMint 16T ^(
      • any device provided for development (PM me)
  • A variety of device drivers for scrypt:
    • AlcheMiner Alchemist miner ^(
    • DualMiner ASIC-based USB miner ^(
    • GAW War Machine ^(
    • Gridseed mining devices ^(
    • KnCMiner Titan ^(
    • ZeusMiner units ^(
    • OpenCL GPUs, such as AMD Radeons ^( (disabled by default, see README.GPU)
      • Kernels: ckolivas, lsoc, psw, zuikkis
    • CPU (not enabled by default nor included in Windows build)
    • Coming soon:
      • any device provided for development (PM nwoolls and/or jstefanop)
  • CPU and OpenCL/GPU mining for Keccak (SHA-3)
  • Automatically can configure itself to failover to solo mining and local block submission when Bitcoin Core is running
  • Support for getblocktemplate decentralized mining protocol ^( (no proxy needed!)
  • Builtin stratum and getwork proxy server
  • Very low overhead free C code for Linux and Windows with very low CPU usage
  • Integrated overclocking and fan control (including automatic adjustment, if configured)
  • Heavily threaded code hands out work retrieval and work submission to separate threads to not hinder devices working
  • Caching of submissions during transient network outages
  • Preemptive generation of work prior to completion of current work
  • Automatically detects failing pools and disables them
  • Multi-device support (all or discrete selection)
  • Summarised and discrete device data statistics of requests, accepts, rejects, hw errors, efficiency and utility
  • Watchdog thread to restart idle threads but not crash machine if they don’t respond
  • Summary displayed when quitting
  • Supports multiple pools with multiple intelligent failover mechanisms
  • On the fly menu based management of most settings
  • Trickling of extra work to backup pools if primary pool is responding but slow
  • On the fly enabling/disable/restarting of devices
  • Device temperature monitoring (for devices that support it)
  • Reuses persistent connections when possible
  • RPC interface for remote control
  • Ability to cope with slow routers
  • Lots of other stuff I can’t remember. See options.

Sample output:

bfgminer version 5.5.0 - Started: [2014-06-10 20:13:01] - [  0 days 06:15:32]
 [M]anage devices [P]ool management [S]ettings [D]isplay options  [H]elp [Q]uit
 Pool 0:  Diff:128  +Strtm  LU:[02:28:32]  User:1QATWksNFGeUJCWBrN4g6hGM178Lovm7Wh
 Block #305190: ...6e8ba4d9  Diff:11.8G (84.16P)  Started: [02:07:22]  I:1.04mBTC/hr
 ST:156  F:0  NB:31  AS:0  BW:[269/ 12 B/s]  E:1127.28  BS:21.8M
 5/24   63.0C | 94.10/98.68/95.60Gh/s | A:1974 R:2+2(.20%) HW:5729/2.6%
 BFL 0: 54.0C |  8.11/ 8.10/ 7.65Gh/s | A:  62 R:1+2(4.6%) HW: 273/1.3%
 HBR 0: 63.0C | 22.91/22.85/21.55Gh/s | A: 208 R:0+0(none) HW:3022/5.4%
 TBF 0: 28.0C |  5.13/ 5.10/ 4.89Gh/s | A:  49 R:0+0(none) HW: 331/4.5%
 PXY 0:       | 27.85/30.23/29.84Gh/s | A: 358 R:1+0(.28%) HW: 450/1.0%
 RKM 0: 40.0C | 30.10/32.40/31.67Gh/s | A:1297 R:0+0(none) HW:1653/.92%
 [2014-06-11 02:28:10] Accepted 00c819ef HBR 0d Diff 327/255
 [2014-06-10 02:28:13] Accepted 012058dd PXY 0  Diff 227/128
 [2014-06-11 02:28:15] Accepted 01778be1 RKM 0b Diff 174/128

Pool menu:

0: Enabled  Strtm Quota 1 Pool 0: stratum+tcp://  User:1QATWksNFGeUJCWBrN4g6hGM178Lovm7Wh
1: Disabled GWork Quota 1 Pool 1:  User:x

Current pool management strategy: Load Balance
[A]dd pool [R]emove pool [D]isable pool [E]nable pool
[C]hange management strategy [S]witch pool [I]nformation
Or press any other key to continue

Device management menu:

Select processor to manage using up/down arrow keys
 MMQ 0d: 41.0°C │ 194.0/190.9/32.98Mh/s │ A:   4 R:0+0(none) HW: 0/none
  ModMiner LJRalpha  from BTCFPGA
Serial: 19191F145358077D4FAADA7AF5000004
Clock speed: 194

[D]isable [C]lock speed
Or press Enter when done
Select processor to manage using up/down arrow keys
 OCL 0 : 77.0C | 272.2/272.2/265.7Mh/s | A:2992 R:13+0(.43%) HW:0/none
I:10  F: 69% (2655 RPM)  E: 765 MHz  M: 1000 MHz  V: 1.088V  A: 99%  P: 0%
Last initialised: [2013-07-08 05:33:26]
Thread 0: 90.9 Mh/s Enabled ALIVE
Thread 1: 90.6 Mh/s Enabled ALIVE
Thread 2: 90.8 Mh/s Enabled ALIVE

[D]isable [I]ntensity [R]estart GPU [C]hange settings
Or press Enter when done

Change GPU settings menu:

Temp: 72.0 C
Fan Speed: 50% (4489 RPM)
Engine Clock: 950 MHz
Memory Clock: 825 Mhz
Vddc: 1.175 V
Activity: 99%
Powertune: 20%
Fan autotune is enabled (0-85)
GPU engine clock autotune is enabled (880-950)
Change [A]utomatic [E]ngine [F]an [M]emory [V]oltage [P]owertune
Or press any other key to continue

Settings menu:

[L]ongpoll: On
[Q]ueue: 0
[S]cantime: 60
[E]xpiry: 120
[R]etries: -1
[W]rite config file
[B]FGMiner restart
Select an option or any other key to return

Display menu:

[N]ormal [C]lear [S]ilent mode (disable all output)
[R]PC debug:off
[W]orkTime details:off
su[M]mary detail level:devices
[L]og interval:20
S[T]atistical counts: absolute
[Z]ero statistics
Select an option or any other key to return

On exiting:

Summary of runtime statistics:
Started at [2011-07-19 14:40:09]
Runtime: 2 hrs : 31 mins : 18 secs
Average hashrate: 1680.1 Megahash/s
Solved blocks: 0
Best share difficulty: 49
Share submissions: 3489
Accepted shares: 3489
Rejected shares: 0 + 9 stale (0.00%)
Accepted difficulty shares: 32
Rejected difficulty shares: 0
Hardware errors: 3
Efficiency (accepted shares * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.05
Utility (accepted shares / min): 34.26/min
Unable to get work from server occasions: 16
Work items generated locally: 330
Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 33
New blocks detected on network: 10
 Share submissions: 3426
 Accepted shares: 3426
 Rejected shares: 0 + 0 stale (0.00%)
 Accepted difficulty shares: 31
 Rejected difficulty shares: 0
 Efficiency (accepted * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.08
 Unable to get work from server occasions: 0
 Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 0

Summary of per device statistics:
 ICA 0:       | 375.9/376.0/349.5Mh/s | A: 487 R:4+0(none) HW:  0/none
 MMQ 0: 46.0C | 629.9/632.0/526.8Mh/s | A: 734 R:0+0(none) HW:196/none
 XBS 0: 46.9C | 392.0/397.8/398.3Mh/s | A: 555 R:0+0(none) HW: 57/none
 ZTX 0:       | 198.6/198.5/190.2Mh/s | A: 265 R:0+0(none) HW: 95/none
 ZTX 1:       | 855.0/848.7/825.3Mh/s | A:1150 R:4+0(none) HW:176/no

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