Ethereum will restore the entire commercial world, including Silicon Valley

Ethereum will restore the entire commercial world, including Silicon Valley

Ethereum will restore the entire commercial world, including Silicon Valley. The first step in this direction is non-profit DAOs. On April 28, 2020, participants will be able to join and contribute to Laos. The future of finance is a step forward.

ICOs and the 2016-2018 token boom demonstrated Ethereum’s ability to raise assets to finance innovation. This indicated the future of a hopeless, global Silicon Valley.

LAO is the next step to this evolution. In 2008, the world first-hand saw the vulnerability of our financial systems. For many years, before the crisis, cryptographers and technologists dreamed of creating a digital asset with a brilliance too bright to dull. After the financial crisis of 2008, this dream came true, and bitcoin emerged from an undetected corner of the Internet in response to the complete inability of governments to correct widespread fraud and financial errors.

On April 28, Laos will be open to investors to gain interest in Laos and join as voting members. Potential Lao members will need to be accredited investors based on US securities laws (although we can open a deposit to foreign members in accordance with regulation S). If you are interested in becoming a member of Lao, you can pre-register here. Upon completion, you will be a pillar in securing your place by verifying that you are an accredited investor when membership opens April 28th.

Membership in the Lao organization will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Each participant can purchase 1% of LAO token blocks for 120 ethers (and can purchase up to 9%) through public sale. All relevant legal documents, including signing agreements, will be generated so that the parties can easily come to an agreement on the relevant market conditions.

Any Ethereum-based project can apply for its company to Lao members before the launch date. If a Lao participant is interested in your project, he or she can submit the project to all Lao participants. If approved by a majority vote, the sponsored project will be notified and will become a Lao company, which will receive financing in the form of a convertible note or an initial stage investment type. This process will begin as soon as the Lao members are full. Initial investments in exchange for shares or project token rights may require additional information, such as valuation information for Lao members, to consider when deciding whether to invest in your project.

LAO and other non-profit DAOs are important for the development of the Ethereum ecosystem. We will not be able to restore the commercial world without the ability to effectively pool and channel capital.


Briefly … those who have from 120-1080 ethers will buy tokens in the LAO … Next, the projects on the air can apply for financing … and those guys who bought can vote for the projects … and finance them …

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