EWBF-miner v0.6: Download and Setup Equihash miner Zcash, Zclassic

EWBF-miner v0.6 (Equihash miner) – Download and Setup

EWBF-miner (Zcash CUDA miner) – A miner written for Pascal GPUs, but it works on cards with a memory capacity of at least 1 GB and a processing power of 3 or higher. The miner has a built-in developer commission of 2% (DevFee 2%).

EWBF’s Cuda miner is one of the most popular Equihash (Zhash) miners. It is compatible with Nvidia GPUs. Its main competitors are miniZ and Funakoshi.

Currently, the latest version is EWBF Miner v0.6, which is compatible with Equihash 144.5, 210.9, 192.7 and 96.5. There is also EWBF’s Cuda Zcash, which is suitable for Equihash for coins such as Zcash and Zclassic. In this case, you should choose EWBF Miner 0.3.4b.

  • GitHub: https://github.com/poolgold/ewbf-miner-btg-edition/releases



There are a lot of new features in EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner v0.6. The most important ones are listed below.

  1. The issue with the API socket not closing upon exit was fixed.
  2. Increased time-out during authorization and subscription.
  3. 144.5, 192.7 and 96.5 are faster.
  4. 144.5 uses less VRAM.


  • 96_5 fixed the problem with cropped performance on fast (1080ti, Titan) gpu.
  • 144_5 Speed up by 3-15% depends on the hardware.
  • 210_9 Speed up by 2%.
  • 210 9 Fixed “low difficulty shares” problem, on Aion pools.
  • 210_9 can now be used via –algo 210_9, I recommend using –algo aion for Aion mining, this will help you avoid problems with the wrong personalization string.
  • Added option –intensity, this option will not increase performance, only slightly reduce the gpu usage, if you set it to 1. Works like –cuda_devices argument,
  •   for example: –intensity 64 64 1 64 64 will apply the intensity 1 to the device with id 2.
  • Special features (These features are added for specific projects,do not use these parameters on conventional pools):
  • Added option –pers auto, Allow the pool to manage the personalization string. (Profit switching). (http://zergpool.com)
  • Added option –algo 144_5_EXCC_D For ExchangeCoin.

Known issues (mostly will be fixed)

  • Equihash 96_5 Can be slower in cuda 8 versions.
  • Performance counters may display an incorrect speed during reconnection.

v0.3.4b (EWBF-miner v0.3.4b)

  • A slightly improved speed of about 2%
  • Added option –intensity, sets maximum intensity.
  • Added support for configuration files.
  • Add option –config, sets the name of the config file.
  • Added support for failover servers, through config files.
  • Added new values to the api method getstat.
  • Add http api you can use address to get statistics.
  • Added simple web page with statistics, simply open the api address in the web browser. (Experemental)
  • Fixed couple of bugs.

Full list of available versions:


EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner Performance:

Below are the performance of Nvidia cards by algorithm. By the way, 144.5 has become more popular thanks to Bitcoin Gold and BitcoinZ. It uses ~1.63 GB VRAM.

GeForce GTX 1050ti  — approx 18 S/s;  
GeForce GTX 1060  — approx 30 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1070  — approx 45 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1080  — approx 50 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1080ti  — approx 75 S/s.

Let’s move on to less popular models. 210.9 is known thanks to Aion. It uses ~1.2 GB VRAM.

GeForce GTX 1050ti  — approx 75 S/s;  
GeForce GTX 1060  — approx 130 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1070  — approx 190 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1080  — approx 210 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1080ti  — approx 320 S/s.

192.7 is known thanks to ZERO. It uses ~2.5 GB VRAM.

GeForce GTX 1050ti  — approx 8 S/s;  
GeForce GTX 1060  — approx 15 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1070  — approx 22 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1080  — approx 24 S/s;
GeForce GTX 1080ti  — approx 35 S/s.

The most popular option on 96.5 is MinexCoin (MNX). It uses ~1.6 GB VRAM.

GeForce GTX 1050ti  — approx 7,8 KS/s;  
GeForce GTX 1060  — approx 14 KS/s;
GeForce GTX 1070  — approx 20 KS/s;
GeForce GTX 1080  — approx 25 KS/s;
GeForce GTX 1080ti  — approx 37 KS/s.

How to Setup EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner

EWBF is very easy to setup. Here is the basic setup scheme for Equihash 144.5.

miner --algo 144_5 --server SERVER_ADDR --port PORT --user USER --pass PASSWORD

Here is what a .bat file looks like for Bitcoin Gold mining on 2Miners pool.

miner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW --server http://btg.2miners.com --port 4040 --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x

As an example, we are showing the correct .bat file for EWBF’s Cuda Zcash below. In this example, we are mining Zcash on Equihash.

@echo off
miner --server zec.2miners.com --port 1010 --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x --eexit 3 --pec --fee 0
ping > nul
goto :restart

If you enter the data and launch the .bat file, you will see the following. It means that your rig is connected to the pool and that the miner is working properly.

EWBF-miner v0.3.4b (Zcash CUDA miner) - Download and Setup

After the connection is established, the user will appear in the Miners Online tab.

EWBF-miner v0.3.4b

Shortly thereafter, he will receive his payout.

You can find a list of the most profitable coins to mine in 2019 here. You can also visit this chat for cryptocurrency mining tips and tricks, and then put them to work on 2Miners pool.

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