SRBMiner V1.7.4 Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner [Download for Windows/Linux]


GitHub: DOWNLOAD SRBMiner v1.7.4

Поддерживаемые алгоритмы:

CryptoNight V8 (cnV2) [normalv8] – CryptoNight V7 (cnV1) [normalv7] – CryptoNight [normal] – CryptoNight Lite V7 [litev7] – CryptoNightLite [lite] – CryptoNight Heavy [heavy] – CryptoNight Haven [haven] – CryptoNight Fast [fast] – CryptoNight BitTubeV2 [bittubev2] – CryptoNight StelliteV4 [stellitev4] – Cryptonight StelliteV8 [stellitev8] – CryptoNight ArtoCash [artocash] – CryptoNight Alloy [alloy] – CryptoNight B2N [b2n] – CryptoNight MarketCash [marketcash] – CryptoNight Italo [italo] – CryptoNight Red [mox] – Cryptonight Dark [dark] – Cryptonight Fest [festival] – Cryptonight Swap [swap] – Cryptonight Upx [upx] – Cryptonight Hycon [hycon] – Cryptonight Webchain [webchain] – Cryptonight Turtle [turtle]


– Watchdog, which tracks your GPU threads, if they stop hashing for several minutes, the miner reboots – Hash monitor, if the 5-minute average hash falls below the value you set, the miner reboots – Startup monitor, if the miner cannot start the GPU and start mining after a certain time, it restarts or runs a user script – Monitoring the temperature of the GPU, and if a critical temperature is reached, this particular GPU is turned off until it cools down – Set system shutdown temperature to protect your GPUs from overheating – Restart (disable / enable) Vega GPU before mining for maximum performance – API for monitoring a rig – Set the calculation mode and turn off crossfire on all maps – Rate each algorithm locally without connecting to a pool

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