HWiNFO v7.50. Download and install for Windows

HWiNFO — is a free system information tool for Windows that provides a quick overview of hardware components as well as a detailed overview. You can save full and custom reports, use HWiNFO on portable devices and monitor various hardware components in real time. HWiNFO is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tool that supports the latest components, industry technologies and standards.

Key features of the HWiNFO program:

  • Display detailed information on all models
  • Reporting in TXT, XML, CSV, MHTML, HTML and LOG formats
  • 100% free product
  • Fast response time
  • Regular updates
  • Benchmarks for system stability and performance testing
  • Portable version
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • Simple, convenient and indispensable for computer monitoring and diagnostics
  • Analyze sensor readings of all computer components

How to install HWiNFO

  1. Download the archive from the website and unzip it.
  1. Run the installation file .exe
  2. After reading the terms of the agreement, you should check the appropriate consent box and then start installing the program.
  3. The program will start downloading to your computer.

HWiNFO Interface

When launching HWiNFO, you can select the desired module or launch it from the main window: Reporting tool, Benchmark, Sensors and Summary. Displays detailed information about the hardware components of your PC or laptop:

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Graphics gas pedal
  • Monitor
  • Network cards, modems

How do I download HWiNFO?

As you can see, this is a very useful utility that allows you to see much more than other programs. You can download HWiNFO at this link:


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