TeamBlackMiner (TBMiner) – Download and Configure AMD/NVIDIA Miner

Team Black Miner aka TBMiner is a new program for mining such cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zilliqa, Vertcoin, with the lowest developer fee – 0.5-1%. The program has temperature control and stopping the video card in case of overheating (only NVIDIA). Also implemented a mechanism to restore the lost connection to the pool. This program is the author of such miners as: CCminer, SPMiner and zilminer. Supports algorithms: Ethash, Etchash, Verthash.

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Features of TeamBlackMiner

  • The commission is charged constantly, not at intervals (like most miners), which positively affects the user’s profitability on PPLNS pools.
  • Checking Shares on CPU, a warning for very high GPU overclocking for Ethash, Etcash, helps to overclock GPU without errors.
  • DAG caching, if GPU has enough memory, DAG files are not recalculated when switching to another algorithm when mining Ethash + Zilliqa or Nicehash. (NVIDIA only)
  • Temperature monitoring and stopping the GPU in case of overheating.
  • Mechanism for restoring the lost connection to the pool.
  • Informative and readable output of tabular statistics to the console.
  • Display detailed information for each device (temperature, power consumption, cooler load, memory frequency, CPU frequency, power efficiency).
  • Parallel output of information to the console and to a file on the disk.

Hashrate of TBMiner overclocking

  • AMD Rx 580: 29-31 Mh/s
  • AMD Rx 570: 28-31 Mh/s
  • AMD Rx vega: 42-44 Mh/s
  • Nvidia 1080 TI: 31-54 Mh/s


  • Windows 10 or Linux.
  • One or more AMD GPUs.
  • One or more NVIDIA GPUs. (Compute 5.0 or newer).

Supported algorithms and developer commission

AlgorithmCoinsdev fee
EtchashEthereum Classic0.5%

TeamBlackMiner manual

  1. Download the program (archive).
  2. Unzip the archive to a convenient location
  3. Create Bat files or edit existing ones.

All coins are mined using a script command file with .bat permission. It can be edited with any text editor. You can create a .bat file yourself. To do this, right click on the program folder, and then choose “text document” and “change the resolution of the file” from .txt to .bat. Then you can right-click on it, click on “change” and enter the necessary commands.

Setting up .bat coinsы

To mine cryptocurrency with this miner, you need to set up bat files (files ending in .bat) with the coins you want to mine. We will talk about that below.

Button setup example for Binance Pool (Ethereum)

Set USERNAME=username1

TBMiner --algo ethash --hostname --port 1800 --wallet %USERNAME% --worker-name 001 --xintensity 24
timeout 10
goto :loop
  1. username1 – enter the login account from the Binance exchange pool.
  2. ethash – enter the algorithm of the coin to be mined. For Ethereum it is ethash.
  3. – enter the address of the pool (host).
  4. 1800 – enter the port number from the pool. This information can be found on the pool site.
  5. 001 – enter the name of the voter (the name of your computer. You can specify any).
  6. --xintensity 24 – enter the desired mining intensity. The maximum value is 64. But if this is your work PC, it is recommended to reduce the performance so that the mining does not interfere with your work.
  7. goto :loop – means that the miner will restart cyclically in case of any failure.

Note that the syntax of the command file must be correct. Excess punctuation, line breaks, spaces and other characters are not allowed here. Just copy the above prepared example and change the login username1 to your pool login.

TeamBlackMiner tbminer

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