lolMiner v0.9.4 (AMD & NVIDIA miner) – Download and Configure

lolMiner 0.9.2 - Значительное улучшение производительности GRIN

GitHub: DOWNLOAD lolMiner v0.9.4

lolMiner v0.9.4 – C31 performance + 7% on Vega, + 12% on Navi

lolMiner v0.9.4 — this is the Equihash / Cuckatoo miner with a focus on AMD GPUs (based on OpenCL). Please note that the program will work on most Nvidia cards, but speed and stability may vary.

Supports Algorithms:

  • Equihash-96-5
  • Equihash-144-5
  • Equihash-150-5
  • Equihash-192-7
  • Equihash-210-9
  • ZelHash



  • New performance code GRIN-AT31 for Vega (+ 7%) and Navi (+ 12%). Amdgpu-pro 18.50 or later or ROCm 2.10 driver required
  • Experimental support for Cuckatoo-32 (use –coin GRIN-AT32) on 8G AMD cards (see further notes)
  • Windows release delayed due to incompatibility with new performance codes.

Expected Performance (C31, 0.9.4)

Radeon VII (Stock, 19.30): 1.91 г / с
Radeon VII (1330/975/775 мВ, ROCm 2.10): 1.55 г / с
Vega 64 (1550/1100/1000 мВ, ROCm 2.10) : 1,45 г / с
Vega 64 (1350/1025/875 мВ, ROCm 2,10): 1,25 г / с
Vega 64 (1350/1025/875 мВ, 19,30): 1,22 г / с
Vega 56 (1270/900/862 мВ, 19,30): 1,1 г / с
RX 5700 (Power Color Red Dragon, Stock, 19,30): 0,99 г / с

Ожидаемая производительность (C32)

Radeon VII (Stock): 0,5 г / с
RX 64 (Stock): 0,39 г / с
RX 56 (Stock ): 0,35 г / с

Configure lolMiner

For the quickest start, it will be enough:

  1. Download archive with the program
  2. Unzip to any convenient place
  3. Change wallet to your own in a file with the extension .bat
program files

Attention! The archive contains two versions of the program. The first is for the Beam coin, the second is for everyone else!

The archive with the program contains ready-made examples for Beam and other coins, a configuration file, as well as instructions in Russian.

Quick Launch Examples

The easiest way to start using lolMiner is to configure the program from the command line. Just open a terminal (Linux) or create / edit a finished .bat file (Windows)

lolMiner.exe --coin (название монеты) --pool (адрес пула) --port (порт пула) --user (кошелек или логин пула) --pass (пароль пула)

How to configure .bat file lolMiner

batch file setting
  1. lolMiner.exe — indicate the name of the program that will be launched
  2. —coin BEAM — the –coin parameter determines which coin to mine. lolMiner will select the internal settings as the desired algorithm.
  3. —pool — after the –pool key, specify the pool address.
  4. —port 3333 — specify the port of the pool. You need to find it on the page with the pool, or use the example of ready-made settings at the end of the article
  5. —user 2d1f865b393afa3ea…d0b21cfe5328b608ca5 — after the –user key, specify the wallet address or login on the pool. The wallet can be opened at any safe and convenient exchange, or put an official wallet from a coin.
  6. .rig0 — put a point and specify the farm identifier. It is only needed to track statistics on the pool.

We examined the simplest configuration to run the program.

Let’s see what we ended up with in a batch file:

Example for BEAM coin:

lolMiner.exe --coin BEAM --pool --port 2222 --user 2d1f865b393afa3ead1e0dd0c0307c0cbcdb8412671c86fbd0b21cfe5328b608ca5.rig1

You can start mining by double-clicking on the .bat file with the desired coin. We start on a farm with Windows and AMD cards and see what the program console writes to us:

miner console
  1. Equihash 150/5 algorithm — the algorithm that we selected when setting up the batch file
  2. Warning: No user profile defined in command line (—profile (profileName> missing) — the program warns that we did not specify a profile through the configuration. But we configured through the .bat file, so the profile settings (config file) can be ignored
  3. Reading pool data from command line — the program prepares information about connecting to the pool, which we specified in the batch file
  4. lolMiner is configured to mine Beam(BEAM), Equihash 150/5 — BeamHash — the miner realized that we want to mine a Beam coin!
  5. Radeon RX 580 Series — Cards for mining cryptocurrency are determined. In our case, it is RX 580
  6. Memory: 8192 MByte (8138 MByte free) — 8138 MB of video memory available
  7. Active: true (Selected kernel: Equihash 150/5 (Beam), 4G memory) — the program chose the core for mining

We wait some time until all devices are detected and see the following:

pool connection
  1. Connecting to pool… — connect to the pool
  2. Connected to — successfully connected
  3. New job received: 1 Difficulty 100 — pool sent a job for video cards
  4. GPU 4: Submitting shareю Share accepted (35 ms) — the first ball is accepted (share of work). It must be understood that the miner receives the reward precisely for the sent balls.

After waiting a bit, the console will show us the hashrate and temperatures of all the GPUs.

Other versions of the miner:

Full list of available versions:

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