ATI Tray Tools v1.7.9. download and install for Windows

ATI Tray Tools — is a popular utility for managing video cards from well-known manufacturers. ATI Tray Tools has a wide range of additional working tools to help you offload your devices. It manages drivers from the internal system, supports profiles and customizes hidden functions. The program improves anisotropic filtering, stabilizes tri-linear elements and configures the latest plug-ins. It has a user-friendly interface, flexible component configuration and is available in several languages.

Key features:

  • ATI Control Center Support
  • TV Out support and customization of monitor profiles
  • Possibility to change the parameters of the “Theater” mode
  • Low-level overclocking with the ability to create profiles, including fan speed control and video memory timings
  • Automatic card overclocking, when switching to 3D mode
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Artifact tester with the ability to find the most stable frequencies for chip and memory (auto overclocking)
  • Creating game profiles
  • Customizing Direct3D, OpenGL
  • Low-level color correction

Install ATI Tray Tools

  1. Download the archive from the website and unzip it.
  1. Run the installation file .exe
  2. After reading the terms of the agreement, you should check the appropriate consent box and then start installing the program.
  3. The program will start downloading to your computer.


General – basic parameters of user profiles, contains the following items:

  • Profile Name – profile name;
  • Executable – selecting the exe-file for which the profile is created;
  • Parameters – this is where the command line parameters are set;
  • Direct3D\OpenGL – In these fields you can select the Direct3D\OpenGL profile that will be installed when the specified application is started;
  • Delete outdated game profiles – deletes the selected profiles;
  • Create desktop shortcut – makes a label for a given profile.

Hardware – selection of frequency settings for specific applications:

  • Before – setting frequencies before starting the application;
  • After – setting frequencies after the application is started;
  • Take no action – video card frequencies do not change;
  • Manual Overclocking – upload your own overclocking profile;
  • Use Auto 2D/3D – automatic frequency detection for 2D/3D applications;
  • Force to use Color Profile — force the selected color profile in the application.

Additional – additional profile settings:

  • Exit from ATT after finish – unloads ATT after the profile operation is completed;
  • Switch desktop resolution to – sets the selected screen resolution before starting the profile;
  • Disable OSD support – includes OSD support;
  • Use custom FPS color – includes the ability to select the color of the FPS display.

In conclusion, if you need a small tool to overclock, customize and monitor your graphics card, ATI Tray Tools is definitely a good choice.

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