PhoenixMiner 2.9b (Ethash miner AMD/NVIDIA, DevFee 0.65%)


Released a new miner PhoenixMiner 2.9 b

Phoenix Miner – is fast (perhaps the fastest) way Eth (ETH, ETC, Muiscoin, EXP, GIES, etc.) Which supports AMD and Nvidia It is running Windows х64Комиссия developer of 0.65% (the lowest in the industry). This means that every 90 minutes the miner will mine for the developer 35 seconds. To achieve the highest possible speed on AMD cards, you may need to manually adjust the GPU tuning factor (a number between 8 and 400 that can be changed by pressing “+” and “-” on the keyboard while the miner is running).

PhoenixMiner 2.9b

Changes in version 2.9 (since 2.8):

  • Significant improvements in cores for graphics AMD processors, providing a higher level hashing, a lower percentage of obsolete stock and a bit lower energy consumption. New kernels are used by default for AMD graphics processors. You can still go back to using old kernels with-cl new 0
  • Note that the optimal-gt values for new AMD cores may differ from the previous ones (but must be in the same ball)
  • Added alternative (-cl kernel 2) kernel for AMD RX550, RX460 / 560 and 285/380. Like the alternative kernel for Polaris (RX470 / 480/570/580), sometimes they can give you a higher hash rate than the default kernel (- clkernel 1).
  • Added optimized kernel for AMD RX550 based on nuclei Baffin (but we can’t test them, because our RX550 began to use kernel Baffin, so please let us know if they work for you)
  • New Nvidia cores that provide a higher level of hashing and a much smaller percentage of obsolete shares. You can still go back to using the old CUDA cores with-nv new 0. The default mining intensity (-mi) is 12 for new Nvidia cores and 10 for old cores
  • A new parameter-clf to control the clock rate of cores OpenCL (AMD) (0 — never, 1 — sometimes (default), 2 — always). Try this if you have an unstable hash on your AMD GPU, but in General it’s better to leave it alone
  • The new parameter is darkness to control the synchronization frequency of the Nvidia kernel (it is similar to the parameter-here for AMD cards). Try-nvf2 if you have a persistent hashrate after pausing and resuming production on Nvidia cards
  • Added the-logfile option so that you can set the log file name. If you put an asterisk (*) in the log file name, it will be replaced with the current date / time to create a unique name each time you run PhoenixMiner. If there is no asterisk in the log name, new log entries will be added to the same file. If you want to use the same log file, but the content must be overwritten every time the miner starts, put a dollar sign ($) in the log file name (for example, -logfile my_log.txt $).
  • Added the-logdir option to specify a different folder for log files
  • Added the-log s max size parameter to specify the maximum size of log files (default is 200 MB, 0 – automatic deletion of old log files)
  • Added detection of AMD in Compute mode supported drivers and GPUs. Detection is performed when the starter starts, and if calculation mode is disabled on some GPUs, you will receive warning messages.
  • Added console command ” y ” to enable AMD Compute mode if it is not enabled on some cards.
  • Fixed problem with restart the miner on some error CUDA with Nvidia cards, when a miner falls down and does not restart.
  • Many small fixes and changes

–Just added examples of BAT-files such as CLO(callisto), ETC, ETC, Muiscoin, EXP, UBS — SB 5 TV