PhoenixMiner – Download GPU Dual Ethash Miner Windows/Linux

PhoenixMiner v5.0b: Nvidia & AMD GPU miner (Скачать для Windows/Linux)

PhoenixMiner, as the developers say, it is the fastest miner for the Ethash algorithm. This algorithm contains such coins as ETH, ETC, Musicoin, EXP, UBQ and others. The miner works with both Nvidia and AMD cards, but also works in the so-called “hodgepodge” where different cards are present in the farm.

Phoenix Miner only works on Windows x64, and has the lowest developer commission of 0.65%.

The speed is 0.4-1.3% faster than the main competitor Claymore. For better performance on AMD cards, you will need to manually adjust the GPU ratio (a number from 8 to 400, which can be changed while the miner is running with the “+” “-” keys).

Download Phoenix Miner

The latest version of PhoenixMiner is available for download from the links below:

  • Bitcointalk Forum:

Phoenix Miner Version history

  • Implemented an auto-tuning function that will find the best GT value for each GPU. You can activate it by either omitting the -gt option on the command line or by pressing “z” in the console. Please note that the auto-tuning process takes an average of 3 to 5 minutes, during which time the hashrate will be lower and will increase and decrease. You can interrupt automatic tuning by pressing the “g” button in the console window;
  • Added support for the “x” key in the console window. This will allow you to choose one GPU for manual or automatic GT tuning;
  • Added support for direct launch (without DAG switching for DevFee) for the following coins: Nekonium (NUKO), MIX, EtherGem (EGEM), AURA, Hotel Motelbyte (HBC), Genom (GEN), EtherZero (ETZ), Callisto (CLO) … For details on how to specify the coin you are using, see the documentation for the -coin option below;
  • Added support for reloading the config.txt file “on the fly” and applying new parameters by pressing the “c” key in the console window. Please note that a reboot is required to change most of the settings. Currently, the parameters can be changed unchanged without restarting: -mi, -gt, -clf, -nvf and all hardware control parameters (-tt, -fanmin, -fanmax, -powlim, -tmax, -cclock, -cvddc, mclock, -mvddc). This allows for more convenient adjustment and fine tuning of mine workings;
  • Added -cdmrs option to reload settings if config.txt is edited / loaded by remote manager. This allows you to change and reload config.txt options via a remote manager without accessing the miner’s console window;
  • Minor improvements in AMD kernels;
  • Added -nvf 3 setting, which can fix some issues with unstable Nvidia cards (but can negatively affect the hash rate);
  • Added -acm option to enable AMD compute mode on supported GPUs. This is equivalent to pressing “y” in the miner’s console;
  • Added the -retrydelay option, which sets a pause between reconnection attempts in seconds (minimum value 0, default value: 20);
  • Added -resetoc option to reset HW overclocking settings at startup to default values;
  • Added the -gpureset option that forces the GPU to completely reload when the miner is paused (or until the DAG is generated when switching DAG epochs). This is to avoid issues like the GeForce GTX1080 Ti hash drops after pause / resume. This option can be specified for each GPU and is enabled by default for GTX1080 Ti;
  • Added -gser option to serialize DAG generation if your PSU cannot use all DAG generating GPUs at the same time;
  • Graceful shutdown when closed by the close button of the console window (including restarting OC defaults);
  • Added -gsi option to set speed statistics interval (5-30 seconds, default 5; 0 disables speed statistics). Detailed statistics are shown every 45 seconds and are independent of the -gsi value;
  • Fixed crash with Vega cards with AMD drivers 18.4.1 and newer;
  • Many minor fixes and changes.

Setting up Phoenix Miner

Below are the ready-made settings for batch files for different pools, you just need to insert your wallet and change the name of the rig:

  • (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -pool2 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3
  • (ETH, secure connection):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool ssl:// -pool2 ssl:// -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3
  • (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -pool2 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3
  • (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourEthWalletAddress/WorkerName -pass x
  • (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourEthWalletAddress/WorkerName -pass x
  • nicehash (ethash):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum+tcp:// -wal YourBtcWalletAddress -pass x -proto 4 -stales 0
  • f2pool (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -epool -ewal YourEthWalletAddress -pass x -worker WorkerName
  • miningpoolhub (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourLoginName.WorkerName -pass x -proto 1
  • (ETH):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourLoginName.WorkerName -pass x -proto 1
  • (ETC):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourEtcWalletAddress.WorkerName
  • (EXP):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourExpWalletAddress/WorkerName
  • miningpoolhub (MUSIC):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourLoginName.WorkerName -pass x -proto 1
  • ubiqpool (UBIQ):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum+tcp:// -wal YourUbiqWalletAddress -pass x -worker WorkerName
  • (PIRL):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourPirlWalletAddress -pass x -worker WorkerName
  • (Metaverse ETP):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourMetaverseETPWalletAddress -worker Rig1 -pass x
  • (Ellaism):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourEllaismWalletAddress -worker Rig1 -pass x
  • (ETH PPS):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 4 -pass x
  • (ETH HVPPS):
    PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 4 -pass x

Full list of available versions:

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