Miner Cgminer for the miner algorithm Lyra2rev2 c Asm kernel for AMD GPU


There is a new miner for the algorithm Lyra2rev2 closed source, which works with graphics cards from AMD.

Download miner here https://github.com/Crazy-Miner/Mkxminer/blob/master/Mkxminer.rar?raw=true

Miner Mkxminer should improve the performance of mining for GPU owners from AMD, to the same level as the mining rigs based on NVidia graphics cards.

The Mkxminer is compatible with the latest AMD GPUs such as the Radeon 200 series or newer, including support for the latest Vega GPUs (no ASM cores yet for Vega). For those GPUs, which are set and the ASM kernel, the performance of the production will be really good.


At first glance, the Mkxminer miner is a great solution, but at the moment there are some limitations, such as the ability to work only with NiceHash multipool (support for other pools will be available later). And also there is no information about what is the Commission of the developer, which is included in this miner, which comes with closed source code.

At the moment, only the executable file of the miner for Windows is available, but in the near future a version of the miner for Linux should appear.

Download miner here https://github.com/Crazy-Miner/Mkxminer/blob/master/Mkxminer.rar?raw=true