Mkxminer v4.1 – Miner for Lyra2rev2 algorithm with Asm core for AMD GPU

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The new miner Mkxminer for the closed-source Lyra2rev2 algorithm is released, which works with video cards from AMD.

Miner Mkxminer should increase mining performance for AMD GPU owners to the same level as mining rigs based on NVidia video cards.

Mkx miner is compatible with the latest AMD GPUs, such as the Radeon 200 series or newer, including support for the latest Vega GPUs (there are no ASM cores for Vega yet). For those GPUs for which the kit includes ASM cores, mining performance will be really good.

At first glance, the MKX miner is an excellent solution, but at the moment there are some limitations, for example, the ability to work only with the NiceHash multipool (support for other pools will be available later). And also there is no information about what is the developer’s commission, which is included in this miner, which comes with closed source code.

Usage Mkxminer (Windows)

  1. Try running example.cmd (change the -u option to your username and the -p option to your password).
  2. If everything works fine, try running best.cmd (it uses assembler kernels).
  3. If it works, you can configure some parameters, see the “Parameters” section below.

If you get errors about an unsupported graphics card or if you have an Intel and AMD processor, try running the example2platforms.cmd file.

You can also check bestfarm.cmd for a useful script that will call your miners according to their local IP address.

Press q to exit the application.

Usage Mkxminer (Linux)

TODO: mkxminer is 64-bit since version 4.0. The file read below will change as soon as Linux beans are released

Using mkxminer on Windows is recommended. But if you need to use Linux, then ./ is your starting point.

Command line options are the same for Linux and Windows.

Note: mkxminer is a 32-bit application. So if you are using a 64-bit application, such as Ubuntu 16.04 x64, then you need to install some necessary libraries.

Run these commands in the terminal if you are using Ubuntu x64:

sudo dpkg - ADD-архитектура i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get установить libc6: i386 libstdc ++ 6: i386

If you execute ./mkxminer and it just closes without printing anything, then you will not have 32 bit support (see above).

Error: ./mkxminer: error loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory Reason: You do not have 32-bit OpenCL installed. If you added 32-bit support (as described above), you may need to reinstall AMD drivers.

Error: The interface phase failed to compile. Error: Compilation from the LLVMIR binary to IL text failed! Reason: AMD driver is not compatible with mkxminer. Try a different driver. You can see the AMD GPU-PRO version by doing: dpkg -l amdgpu-pro

For example, amdgpu-pro-17.40-492261.tar.xz and amdgpu-pro-17.40-483984.tar.xz show this problem on the RX480, but work fine on the R9 390.

Known problem: after exiting mkxminer, the current terminal window becomes unusable. Close the terminal and open a new one.

Note regarding mkxminer:

I myself use it on the RX580 and Vega. Running is absolutely flat.

Fine tuning

There are only two things to configure: 1) Increase the frequency of the GPU. Memory frequency is not important. 2) Increase the intensity. 23 is recommended for 4 GB + graphics cards on Lyra2rev2 (or 18 for Lyra2Z).

Press q to exit the application. DO NOT press Ctrl + C, otherwise you will get a zombie process.

Mkxminer Options

--algorithm or -a is the selected mining algorithm. Two options: lyra2rev2 or lyra2z
-o or --url - level server URL (for example: stratum + tls: // 7710)
Currently, you can specify only one pool, backups are not supported.
-u or --user - username for the stratum server
-p or --pass - password for the stratum server
-d or --device - Select the device to use, single value, range and / or comma (for example, 0-2.4) by default: all
-I or --intensity - GPU scanning intensity (23 for high-performance cards, 20 for the lowest)
--exitsick - exit the miner if one of the GPUs gets sick (so you can create a script to restart the application / restart the PC)
--asm - enable ASM kernels for supported GPUs (currently Vega, Fiji, Ellesmere, Tonga, Hawaii, Tahiti, Oland)
about 10% extra speed. Note: this can damage your miner, especially on some Ellesmere cards.
The recommended driver is 16.10.3 or the latest AMD / beta blockchain driver.
--platform - Select the OpenCL platform identifier to use when mining GPUs. By default, this is auto-detection.
--engine - the clock (graphic) range of the GPU clock frequency in MHz - one list of values, ranges and / or commas (for example, 1050-1100,900,750-850)
--fan - percentage range of the GPU fan - one value, range and / or comma-separated list (for example, 0-85 100 100). A 100% fan is recommended for pro mining.
--map - Match OpenCL with ADL device order manually, in a CSV pair (for example, 1: 0.2: 1 displays OpenCL 1 in ADL 0, 2 in 1)
--memclock - set the GPU memory clock frequencies in MHz - one value for all or comma-separated for each card
--powertune - set the percentage of GPU power - one value for all or comma-separated for each card
--reorder - An attempt to reorder the GPU devices according to the PCI bus identifier.
--vddc - set the GPU voltage in volts - one value for all or separate by commas for each card
--auto-fan - Automatically adjusts the rotation speed of all GPUs to maintain the set temperature.
--auto-gpu - automatically adjusts the clock frequencies of all GPUs to maintain the set temperature
--temp-cutoff - the temperature at which the device will be automatically turned off, a single value or a comma-separated list
--temp-overheat - temperature at which the device will be regulated during automatic control of the fan and / or GPU, a single value or a comma-separated list
--temp-target - the temperature at which the device should remain during automatic control of the fan and / or GPU, a single value or a comma-separated list

Mkxminer Performance

Lyra2rev2 (no overclocking)

  • Radeon Pro Duo: 84,8 МГц (42,4 + 42,4)
  • Fiji: 55 months
  • Vega56: 53MHs
  • RX 580: 39 MHz
  • RX 480: 36 MHz
  • R9 390: 32 MHz
  • R9 380X: 26 months
  • R9 280X: 26 months

Lyra2z (no overclocking)

  • Vega64: 7,4MHs
  • RX 580: 3,7MHz
  • RX 480: 3,5 MHz
  • R9 390: 1.8 mph

Note: the actual mining speed is slightly higher, as part of the hashrate is used as devfee. The above values are what you (the miner) get.

Other miners with devfee show you the general hash rate, and then you need to reduce it to devfee: for example, if you have 30 mph with 5% devfee, then for you this is 28.5 months (30 * (1.0 – 0.05)).

This miner shows you exactly the MOH that you earn, so the value of devfee does not matter.


  • v1.0.0: November 11, 2017 – The initial version of nicehash.
  • v1.0.1: November 12, 2017 – Added missing DLL and fixed gfx901 problem.
  • v2.0.0: December 5, 2017 – Support for rewriting + tls pools.
  • v2.0.1: December 12, 2017 – Added VTC pool, AMD platform auto-detection.
  • v3.0.0: December 23, 2017 – stratum + tcp pools are now supported.
  • v3.0.1: January 9, 2018 – Fixed a problem with pools that do not support extranonce, ‘q’ for exit, Linux port, cleaned DLLs.
  • v3.1.0: February 8, 2018 – Linux compatibility is improved and non-TLS / SSL pools are supported. Fixed some pool shutdowns.
  • v3.1.0: February 12, 2018 – The optimized Vega kernel has been added. Combined packaging Windows + Linux.

beta 4.0: September 9, 2018 – Added by Lyra2z – Now only 64-bit binaries, not more than 32-bit – Now only optimized asm kernels (–asm option removed) – Removed support for obsolete cards (up to R9 290). – reduced distribution size – Beta version: only windows and only lyra2z (linux and lyra2rev2 with some optimizations will be available in the full version)

v4.1: October 27, 2018 – build Linux + build Windows – Increase speed by about 5%

  • Coming Soon *
    • API support

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