WatchDog Prime (Download watchdog timer Esonics Software)


What is WatchDog Timer?

Prime WatchDog – watchdog timer production company Esonics. Esonics is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality microelectronics, software and components for the blockchain community and the digital industry.

Download software for WatchDog Prime:

Watchdog timer is essentially a timer to restart programs and the computer as a whole, if you do not go into details. And if you go, it is a timer that is reset by the program, if the program failed to update the timer, then there is a forced restart of the PC.

But that’s not the only thing this WatchDog can do, its software will do a PC reboot if:

video card failure occurred;
when graphics cards overheat;
the processor will overheat;
with low activity of mining equipment.

Key function

Restart or shutdown on system hang;
Reboot or shutdown if it exceeds the permitted temperature values for the CPU and GPU;
Rebooting or disconnecting when the graphics card is off, when remote access is not possible;
PC restart at low activity (in case of miner hang-up);
Ping connection check when no calculations are performed and the system is available;
Automatic PC switch-on when electricity is supplied;
Control fans, GPU and CPU;
Rebooting the system if no software is detected.

Version WatchDog Prime

WatchDog Prime is available in two versions:



WatchDog Prime USB-A USB PBD-10

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