T-Rex 0.8.0 (Auto update, Watchdog) Download Nvidia GPU miner


GitHub: DOWNLOAD T-REX v0.8.0

T-Rex is a closed source miner for NVIDIA graphics cards only. The program has a 1% commission that goes to developers. This software is available for Windows and Linux and supports CUDA 10.0, CUDA 9.2 and CUDA 9.1

List of changes T-Rex 0.8.0:

  • New geek algorithm (GeekCash)
    Performance improvement (1-3%) on x16 like algorithms for GTX / RTX cards.
  • Added watchdog function (reboots the miner if it stops working for any reason) To start, replace t-rex.exe with watchdog.exe in your baht file.
  • Watchdog will let you use the automatic update feature
  • To update, use the monitoring web page (by default or specify the –autoupdate parameter in the bat file (it must be launched via watchdog.exe) ..
  • The default value for the -N parameter has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Added speed parameter to console – balls per minute.

Bug fixes:

  • stratum + tcp: // no longer required for the pool
  • Significantly reduced processor load when using high values of the -N parameter
  • “Clean jobs” cut in previous releases, returned
  • Disabling the miner when pressing the Ctrl + C key combination for Windows.
настройка батника trex


  1. t-rex – the name of the program that will be launched using the .bat file
  2. -a bcd is the name of the coin mining algorithm. The list of available algorithms is listed above
  3. -o stratum + tcp: //eu.icemining.ca – specify the pool address. The -o stratum + tcp: // construct is required
  4. : 8433 after the pool address put a colon and specify the pool port
  5. -u 1Go7d7C1EYQzmgbsDbTSdtW2g5H5G3gBCo – after the -u switch we indicate the address of your digital wallet
  6. -p c = BCD – indicate the token of the mined coin. This is necessary for the pool to understand which coin we want to mine.
  7. -i 20 – set the intensity of the program

So, we have configured the program for mining Bitcoid Diamond. By analogy, other coins are configured on other algorithms. We launch our batch file by double clicking and see what the miner’s console window writes to us:

окна майнера t-rexexample of the program

  1. Program version
  2. Installed driver version
  3. List of video cards available for mining
  4. Pool address that you specified in the batch file
  5. The wallet address that you specified in the batch file
  6. Coin token or pool password. Pools rarely use a password, so in 90% of
  7. cases, you need to specify a token
  8. The program configures the connection to the pool
  9. Pool authorization
  10. The intensity is set to 20. We set it in the batch file with the -i parameter
  11. Current block and network difficulty of the mined coin
    The total hashrate of your farm.
  12. Hashrate of one video card
  13. Graphics card temperature
  14. Consumed electricity
  15. Fan blade speed
  16. Efficiency Kh / Watt

Other versions T-Rex miner:

Полный список доступных версий:


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