ccminer 1.2.0/ sgminer 0.1.3 for MTP: Fastest MTP miner for nvidia cards

MTP miner for nvidia cards

GitHub: Download ccminer 1.2.0

GitHub: Download sgminer 0.1.3

Hello, currently ccminer is the fastest miner for MTP and the cheapest

* 2.5MH/s on 1070
* 3.9MH/s on 1080ti with OhGodAPill (3.55MH/s without)

* 5.5MH/s on 2080ti

*better handling of miner/pool connection and packet losses in case of bad connection
solve various crash problem due to pool sending empty data

sliglty improved speed on 20x cards
This release should solve most of the crash which was encountered on the previous version.


2080ti gets now 5.5MH/s

1080ti 3.55MH/s
3.9MH/s with OhGodAPill

1070 at 2.5MH/s
1660 at 2.06MH/s

implement a non mandatory donation system (default 0.25% 1 share over 400)
This donation can be turned off by using –no-donation flag
%age donated can be changed by using flag –donation N (in per cent)

you can find binaries for windows (ccminer.exe)
and for linux:
* ccminer-linux-cuda101 (binaries for linux compiled with cuda 10.1
* ccminer-linux-cuda100 (binaries for linux compiled with cuda 10.0
* ccminer-linux-cuda92 (binaries for linux compiled with cuda 9.2

example of bat file:  RUN-ZCOIN-MTP.cmd

new version of sgminer has been released:
(no fee… too painfull to implement in sgminer  

I’ll probably add one, if I beat teamred on vega )

Improved hashrate on both and for RX5xx and RX4xx

1.69MH @1250MH/z on RX580
do not use this kernel for vega performance are ridiculous Grin
1.685MH @1250MHz on RX580
3.1MH/s @1350MHz on Vega 56
currently this is on my RX580  around 400kh/s faster than teamred and it run at a lower frequency (100MHz lower for some reason…)
and 70kh/s slower than teamred on vega (same frequency)
use sgminer.conf to pass kernels/pool etc…

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