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Detailed instructions for using BitcoinSV wallet

Why split your coins?

The problem that coin separation solves is to make it possible for you to spend coins on the Bitcoin SV network without the same transaction, as well as spend coins on the Bitcoin Cash ABC network. This happens with coins that were not split, because when your wallet creates a transaction that spends them, it cannot mark this transaction, so it only works on one of these networks.

How can this affect the user? Alice can sell her BCH to Bob, but since her coins are not split when her transaction is broadcast so that she can be mined, Bob can also send her to the Bitcoin SV network. Bob then finishes both Alice’s BCH and her BSV.

It would be wise for Alice to download ElectrumSV and follow the coin separation guide like this so that her BSV can be separated from the BCH coins before she tries to send one of them.

Getting ElectrumSV

If you already have ElectrumSV, it’s important to make sure you have the latest version installed, so check this before proceeding.

Import wallets from Electron Cache

There are two ways that ElectrumSV can help you import wallets from existing electronic money. Both of them include viewing the standard location of Electron Cash wallets and the ability to copy them to the standard location of ElectrumSV wallets.

Under no circumstances should you open your original Electron Cash wallet in ElectrumSV, since at best it contains information specific to Bitcoin Cash ABC that will be lost and in the worst case can damage the wallet.

Select one or more wallets listed here, then click OK. If you select any, you will see a pop-up window confirming how many wallets have been copied.

When You Don’t Have ElectrumSV Wallets

When you launch ElectrumSV, if you don’t have any wallets, it will show your Electron Cash wallets on the first page and help you copy them.

Select one or more wallets listed here, then click OK. If you select any, you will see a pop-up window confirming how many wallets have been copied….

When do you have other ElectrumSV wallets?

If you run ElectrumSV and you already have wallets, it will not offer to copy them. Instead, he will indicate if he has found your Electron Cash wallets, and will provide an opportunity to subscribe to the same copying process as the additional Import button on the wallet selection page.

You will see the text “Existing Electron Cash Wallets Detected” and the “Import” button next to it, as shown.

If you don’t have Electron Cash wallets or ElectrumSV cannot find them, instead the text “Electron Cash Wallets Not Detected” will appear, and the “Import” button will be disabled, as shown below: If you have Electron Cash wallets, and you have the opportunity to import them, and you click the button, then you will see the copy wallet page.

Selecting one or more wallets and then clicking the OK button again will bring up a pop-up window confirming how many wallets have been copied.

Opening Your Imported Electron Cash Wallet

Now that you have imported the Electron Cash wallet and want to split the coins inside it, you need to select it. If it is not yet displayed as selected, use the “Select” button to view the ElectrumSV wallet folder and select the wallet to open.

Under no circumstances should you look at the place where Electron Cash e-wallets are stored and select it there. The dangers of this have already been discussed above.

Distribution of your coins

Now that you have opened your wallet, you will want to continue crushing coins. Go to the coin crushing tab.

The tab describes the process of separating your coins. You may want to read it before continuing to understand both the process and what will happen when you start the separation process. Button “?” Provides additional information. Please note that this guide covers only the simplest case of splitting all of your coins at once. If you want to perform more complex actions, for example, freezing coins and breaking them into separate pieces, you will either have to solve them yourself, or wait for a later guide that will tell you more about this. Click the Split button to start the splitting process. If you have set a password on your wallet, he will ask you to re-enter the password to confirm the separation.

After the process is completed, you can see the transactions involved in the process on the “Log” tab.

The Confirmation

The easiest way to confirm that your BSV has been separated from your BCH is to look at the history both in the original Electron Cash wallet and in the new ElectrumSV wallet that was copied from it.

The history of Electron Cash should be unchanged, while the history of ElectrumSV will show split transactions and may have a slightly different balance to indicate a small amount paid in the form of transaction fees that will split your coins.

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