Setting up Windows for cryptocurrency mining

Mining cryptocurrencies requires high performance. But some of the hardware power is “eaten up” by operating systems. Windows slows down more than other operating systems. As a result, Windows 10 is usually configured for cryptocurrency mining by miners. Users can increase the speed and stability of the process by setting up various settings.

Which versions of Windows are suitable for mining

The number and types of video cards used affect the choice of operating system. You can configure Windows 7 or 8.1 if you have outdated NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. But, as a rule, bitcoin miners still prefer the tenth version of the operating system. Thus, you will be able to configure mining settings from numerous video cards more efficiently.

For each Intel processor, there are drivers that work with Windows 10. The processor manufacturer has discontinued the release of software (software) that allows the use of built-in visual accelerators in later versions of the OS. When using drilling rigs only for mining cryptocurrencies, this is not crucial. However, drivers are required for parallel use of systems and for other purposes.

Windows 10 Mining Configuration

Before you can start mining digital currency, you need to make changes to the system configuration. The following algorithm is used in the general setup of a Windows 10 PC for mining:

1) Decide on the operating system distribution. 2) Removing apps that you don’t need and disabling services that you don’t need

3)Disable automatic updates. 4) Turn off the computer’s hibernation mode. 5) Increase the size of the swap file. 6) Change the power supply.

Other parameters can also be changed by users. Windows has a lot of options. However, it is necessary to work carefully with the system settings. Incorrect configuration can affect the operability of the rings.

Choosing an operating system distribution for mining

Users of forums and specialized websites offer recommendations to beginners of the Windows Enterprise Series. They often advise installing 2 specific versions at once:

1)1607 (LTSB). 2)1809 (LTSC). These updates are free from several pointless cryptocurrency mining procedures. as a result, they “eat” less computer resources.

Install Windows 10 earlier versions than 1709 if you have 12 or more graphics cards installed in your mining installations. After the introduction of this version, Microsoft provided case developers with a significant update. As a result, large mining operations are now more stable.

You will not be able to download unauthorized versions. They may contain harmful viral infections. Therefore, it is preferable to download an official inactive operating system or purchase licenses.

Removing unnecessary software and disabling services

Windows-based mining settings come with dozens of system applications. Free hashrate mining works worse because services “eat up” some of the resources. Several versions of Windows are installed at the same time along with the applications recommended by the developers in the list. This program significantly reduces the productivity of drilling equipment.

Removing certain services and programs will not affect system performance. The efficiency of mining cryptocurrencies only increases from this.

It is preferable to manually remove the pre-installed software and other elements. You can do this using third-party software or the built-in Windows uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller applications belong to the second category of programs. With this program, you can uninstall applications and then remove all traces of them from the system.

Semi-automatic mode deactivates Windows services. Both the Revo uninstaller and the built-in uninstaller are not suitable for this. You can use the Windows10MiningTweaksDmW script to disable services. It is available for download from the GitHub online repository. According to the template, you can use the script to gradually stop any unwanted services and functionality.

The process of using Windows10MiningTweaksDmW is as follows:

1) Download the script. 2) Run it. 3) Select the option to create scripts.There are 12 alternatives, including changing Internet Explorer 11 settings, disabling telemetry servers, deleting services, and changing the registry. 4) Follow the script instructions.

Disabling automatic updates

One of the services constantly checks whether new versions of the current operating system are available. When updates are available, the program downloads them. This temporarily stops mining. In addition, operating system updates often reduce Bitcoin mining performance due to increased load. As a result, miners usually stop the automatic installation of new updates by systems.

Algorithm for blocking updates

1) Use the Win+R keyboard shortcut. 2) Enter the takeown /f c command:WindowsSystem32usoclient.exe /a. 3) To access the function as an administrator, use Ctrl+Shift+Enter. 4) Open the C folder:WindowsSystem32. 5) Locate the UsoClient file. 6) Click on it PCM. 7) Click “Properties”. 8) Go to the “Security” category. 9) Select “Edit”. 10) Remove all file access permissions. 11) Select “Apply”, then “Yes”.

The automatic system update mechanism will stop working after the twelfth step. The selection may be returned in the future. To do this, you must reactivate the permissions of the UsoClient file.

Power Supply Mode

The productivity of the mining business is affected by the amount of energy consumed. As a result, cryptocurrency miners modify the operating modes of the system.

The following algorithm determines how much energy is consumed:

1) Click the “Start” button. 2) Go to the “Settings” area. 3) Go to the “System” tab. 4) Select “Power and Sleep Mode”. 5) Click on “Advanced Power Settings”. 6) Select “View additional charts”. 7) Use a marker to highlight the “High performance” item.

Mining will start using a little more energy after the seventh stage. Most likely, the system is running a little faster than usual.

Other settings

Miners often change not only the operating system settings. You can also change the BIOS to improve mining efficiency (BIOS). This is computer software that can be used. Miners can disable unnecessary Riga ports and other settings in the BIOS. All this increases the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining.


The Windows operating system “eats” a lot of hashrate by default. As a result, miners configure the OS during the assembly of drilling rigs. They often install systems from the Enterprise series. Versions of Windows 10 from this line of Microsoft OS are free of several meaningless mining programs and services. However, even the Enterprise series releases have certain drawbacks.

Beginners often don’t know how to set up Windows 10 for mining. The most important factor is:

1)Install the OS distribution after selecting it. 2) Disable services and uninstall applications. 3) Disable the Windows Update feature. 4) Turn off the hibernation mode. 5) Installation of virtual memory. 6) Change the power supply.

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