The analysis of the Montero crypto currency (XMR)


Today, let’s talk about such a wonderful crypto currency, like Monero or XMR – crypto currency based on the CryptoNote protocol, oriented to increased anonymity of transactions. Crypto-currency appeared on April 18, 2014 as a fork Bytecoin (such a description you will find in wikipedia).

Surely many people have heard about it, and not always the best. Still it is called, the crypto currency of hackers and darknet. But, nevertheless, this crypto currency should be present in your portfolio and then we’ll figure out why.

In addition to the fact that you can buy for Monero not legal things in darknet, it is used for laundering illegal legal incomes and not only, but nowadays many are tired of the tax burden of the states, not that I would propagandize not to pay taxes, but everything Sooner or later the world will change either towards total control or in the direction of privacy and confidentiality of personal information, including financial information. And the Montero crypto currency, one of the few anonymous, allows you to do this. If in simple language, then sending someone their coins or getting from someone else, it is not possible to calculate the return destination, which is not in the basic Bitcoin crypto currency, where all transactions are public and easily tracked. But we will not delve into the subtleties of the technical characteristics of this coin, since the Internet is full of this information for studying, in particular, on the official website.

Despite the fact that Monero, by capitalization is on the 12th place, in the list of coinmarcetcap and with a market capitalization of $ 2 billion at the time of writing this article. In the rating of making changes to the code and updates, it is on the 4th place,

after such crypto-currencies as Bitcoin, Etherium and EOS, based on resource data. Which means that work to improve and implement innovations is constantly and systematically, so it has not a small interest. But the interest of whom or for what, we will know when the coin shows itself, not only in price but also in application.

I think that the coin is still underestimated by the crypto-investors and many people are skeptical about it. Also, the price is now quite attractive for investment. From the last peak of the price of $ 480 to the current $ 120, the coin fell by 75%, which is considered a very good correction. And in the coming year we can expect strong growth.

Where to buy XMR?
You can buy on the main crypto exchange exchanges binance, bittrex, poloniex.

Where is this crypto currency stored?
Here is the business of everyone, from myself I will add only one, do not keep everything in one place.

How to mine Monero?
Here in general everything is simple, if you do not have the opportunity to invest, you can mine it and I will show a few ways, including mining.

This crypto currency is being bypassed by means of the above-mentioned algorithm CryptoNote mainly with the help of the processor, but it is also possible with video cards. The big plus is that the developers of this crypto currency have protected it from the bomb complexity, which are now present on top crypto-currencies due to the use of specialized mining equipment, such as the asik. After the recent hard-core, all the Asiks were disconnected, which allowed Monero to get to ordinary users, even on his computer.

The easiest way to start Monero is to register with the proven resource minergate and install the simplest for the computer, there you can already configure Monero mining without certain programming skills, where the GPU is the mining by the graphics card and the CPU by the processor.

I advise you to do this with a processor if you have several cores, include half of them for mining, then the computer will not slow down when running on it. This program can be dedicated to a separate article, if it’s interesting to you, write in the comments and I’ll know about it.

One more way, to extract with the help of the old, kind EOBOT, everything is simple there, you need to go 1 time per day and get XMR by entering captcha, clicking on the faucet tab, the selected coin should be XMR

Or put on passive mining, buying pre-cloud capacity, but you need to be careful with this, because it is not always sold at a bargain price, I do not recommend buying for crypto currency, only if for fiat.

Well, in conclusion, there is just an ordinary tap, where you need to enter captcha every hour and get a small amount of Monero by entering your purse address.

In conclusion, I want to add. How much you do not have coins or maybe less than one at all, wait for your price and sell when the amount satisfies you.

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