TeamRedMiner v0.8.3: Download with Ethash and KAWPOW support [Win & Linux]

TeamRedMiner is an optimized cryptocurrency miner for AMD with support for a range of algorithms with the latest major version 0.8.3, including rewritten Ethash cores and new mining modes for all GPU types. This means you should get a better hash rate with slightly lower power consumption on the latest AMD GPUs. In general, TeamRedMiner (TRM) behaves similarly to other AMD Ethash miners, the key difference being the additional mining modes (B / C-modes) that use extra VRAM on GPUs to further benefit.

Miner is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems, closed-source software with built-in development charge from 2.5% to 3% for most algorithms except Ethash and KAWPOW, 2% for KAWPOW, and 0.75% for Ethash on Polaris GPUs and 1.0% for all other AMD GPUs.

Biggest TRM release in a long time with rewritten ethash cores and new mining modes for all types of GPUs!

Changes and innovations

TRM 8.3.0:

  • General info: added Autolykos2 algo for ERGO (very good target for Vega 56/64, see AUTOLYKOS_TUNING.txt manual).
  • General: improved and simplified double ZIL mining for ethash/kawpow/verthash/autolykos2 (see new DUAL_ZIL_MINING.txt manual).

TRM 8.2.0:

  • General Info: added Verthash algo for Vertcoin.
  • General Info: added support for Tonga and Antigua for ethash and kawpow.
  • General Info: extended support up to 24 GPUs (previously support was limited to 16 GPUs).
  • General Info: improved handling of driver issues related to gpu clock/temp statistics.
  • General Info: now shows sensor power in statistics.
  • General info: fixed device name parsing in ROCm 4.1 and newer win drivers.
  • API: added sensor power, jnct temperature and memory temperature to API output.
  • Ethash: added option –eth_micro_delay for weaker psus (see Help for details. help section for details).
  • Ethash: fixed DEAD gpus watchdog on small gpus building kawpow DAG.
  • Kawpow: now fully works with MiningPoolHub regardless of bad seedhash values.

Setup and startup TeamRedMiner

Consider setting up a .bat file for a mining program Ravencoin.

батник teamredminer
  1. teamredminer.exe – specifies which application is to run. This file must be located in the same folder as the .bat file
  2. -a kawpow – specifies the algorithm for mining. For Ravencoin we would write cnr and for a Zcoin we would write mtp
  3. we write the long -o stratum+tcp:// and the pool address
  4. :4501 – we put a colon in the address and the pool port. The address and port can be found on the pool itself. Usually in the Get Started or Help
  5. -u RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX – Specify the wallet that you want to mine. In this case it is Ravencoin.
  6. -p x – the p command means password. In the minermore pool (as in 90% of all pools) we do not need a password, so we write x
  7. pause – an optional command. This is just to show the program in case of an error, and not to immediately close it.

Finished example (don’t forget to change your wallet to your own!)

teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u RКAеArXkWLNЕRjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX.trmtest -p x
Support AlgorithmDevFee
Ethash on Polaris GPUs0.75%
Ethash on all other GPUs1.0%
Cryptonight R2.5%
Cryptonight v8 upx22.5%
Cryptonight v8 turtle2.5%
Cryptonight v8 half2.5%
Cryptonight v8 double2.5%
Cryptonight v8 rwz2.5%
Cryptonight v82.5%
Cryptonight heavy2.5%
Cryptonight haven2.5%
Cryptonight saber2.5%
Cryptonight conceal2.5%
Chukwa-512 (Turtlecoin)2.5%
Chukwa-1024 (Turtlecoin)2.5%

GPUs supported and tested:

  • Navi – RX 5700(XT)/5600(XT)/5500(XT) for supported algos in the table below.
  • Vega – RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE, Radeon VII (Vega 2)
  • Polaris – RX 580/480/570/470/560/460/550
  • Fiji – R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano, MI8 (supported but with very limited testing).
  • Tonga/Antigua – R9 285/285X/380/380X, W7100, S7150 (beta support from 0.8.2. Only ethash+kawpow available.)

Some algorithms are not supported on some GPU architectures and/or drivers. Below is the compatiblity table:

Cryptonight RNLLLN
Cryptonight v8 upx2NLLLN
Cryptonight v8 turtleNLLLN
Cryptonight v8 halfNLLLN
Cryptonight v8 doubleNLLLN
Cryptonight v8 rwzNLLLN
Cryptonight v8NLLLN
Cryptonight heavyNLLLN
Cryptonight havenNLLLN
Cryptonight saberNLLLN
Cryptonight concealNLLLN

Support legend:

  • Y = Supported
  • N = Not supported
  • L = Limited support: algos are supported on windows and linux with amdgpu-pro drivers, not supported on ROCm drivers.

The miner reports GPU hash rates every 30 seconds. These are the full GPU hash rates before dev fee deduction (your pool hashrate will be slightly lower).

The miner includes a read-only api based on the sgminer-5.5 API. Both the json and text formats are supported. For more details, we refer to the sgminer api documentation. The miner also includes a Claymore miner compatible API with support for a subset of the API.

For reporting bugs and/or for features requests, please open an issue on this project’s github issue tracker.

For example command lines please see the batch/shell scripts in the miner download packages. For command line options see the USAGE.txt file that comes with the miner.

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