lolMiner 1.50: Download with NVIDIA LHR Full Unlock

lolMiner 1.50: Download with full NVIDIA LHR unlock

Another Nvidia ETH miner is now available with full LHR unlock – lolMiner 1.50. The miner offers 100% LHR unlock on Nvidia GPUs with LHR V1 and V2 GPUs for all supported algorithms including Ethash and dual mining. It requires Nvidia video driver version 510.x (Linux) or 512.x (Windows) and sudo/admin rights to work correctly. lolMiner 1.50 also comes with an experimental LHR v3 unlock up to ~90% (RTX 3050) and ~92% (RTX 3080 12G) although this can still be a little problematic and not 100% stable, if you run into problems you always you can go back to a more secure ~65% unlock.

Download latest lolMiner 1.50 also with full Nvidia LHR unlock …

lolMiner has only 0.7% commission on Ethash, 1.5% on Autolykos V2 and only 1%+0% commission on dual mining. With that kind of feature set you won’t find a lower one on the market.

Changes v1.50

  • 100% LHR Unlock on LHR V1 and V2 GPUs. Unlock works on all supported algorithms, including Ethash and dual mining. Requires Nvidia driver version 510.x (Linux) or 512.x (Windows) and sudo / administrator rights!
  • Added experimental LHR v3 unlock up to ~90% (3050) and ~92% (3080 12G) (enabled by default) Use –lhrv3boost 0 to disable the mode and return to ~65% unlock (see notes below).
  • If the connection to the pool is lost on the dual mining algorithm, the miner will now stop dual mining to save power and continue running in Ethash-only mode until the connection is restored.
  • Updated web interface

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in version 1.49 that caused Ergo mining not to run on Nvidia GPUs.


  • The LHR unlock will start approximately 30 seconds after the miner starts, which makes it possible to start the DAG generation with a delayed OC.
  • If any of the above requirements are not met, the miner will load the old unlock function 79% and will output a suitable warning method with statistics.
  • Experimental mode for LHR V3 sometimes seems to be unstable at startup and only a reboot solves this problem – but after the first successful launch it becomes stable – so there is an option to turn it off if you trying to run it too often.
  • When setting the –lhrv3boost option via a json file, use “LHRV3BOOST” : 1 to set it.
AlgorithmFee %
Autolykos V21.5
BeamHash III1.0
Cuckoo 292.0
CuckarooD 292.0
CuckarooM 292.0
Cuckaroo 30 CTXC2.5
Cuckatoo 312.0
Cuckatoo 322.0
Cuckaroo 29-321.0
Cuckaroo 29-401.0
Equihash 144/51.0
Equihash 192/71.0
Equihash 210/91.0

Step-by-step instruction

For the fastest launch, it will be enough:

  1. Download the archive with the program
  2. Unzip it to any place you want
  3. Change the purse on your file with the extension .bat

As an example, we show the lolMiner settings for mining ZelCash on the 2Miners pool. Here is the bat file.

lolMiner.exe --coin ZEL --pool --port 9090 --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x
  • Remember to replace YOUR_ADDRESS with your real wallet address so you can receive coins.
    Then comes RIG_ID, which is the desired name of the rig.
  • Assigning unique names is a good idea if you have more than one rig. You can use a maximum of 32 Latin letters, numbers, and the symbols “-” and “_”. For example, rig-1.

How to configure .bat файл

lolMiner.exe --coin (coin name) --pool (pool address) --port (pool port) --user (pool wallet or pool login) --pass (pool password)

The easiest way to start using lolMiner is to configure the program from the command line. Just open a terminal (Linux) or create/edit a ready-made .bat file (Windows)

  1. lolMiner.exe – specify the name of the program that will be launched
  2. –coin BEAM – The –coin parameter determines which coin to mine. lolMiner will pick up the internal settings as the required algorithm.
  3. -pool – after the –pool key, specify the address of the pool.
  4. -port 3333 – specify the port of the pool. You need to find it on the page with the pool, or use the example of ready-made settings at the end of the article
  5. -user 1d2h865b39…d0b21cfe5321b6bgca4 – after the –user key, specify the wallet address or login on the pool. You can open a wallet on any safe and convenient exchange, or put an official wallet from a coin.
  6. .rig0 – put a dot and specify the farm ID. It is needed only to track statistics on the pool.

Quick Start Examples:

  • sparkpool
lolMiner.exe --coin BEAM --pool --port 2222 --user 2d1f865b393...1cfe5328b608ca5.rig1
  • sunpool
<code>lolMiner --coin BEAM --pool --user 32f2e8765c...917af23b260ecb3a5f.workerName</code>
  • Start mining Grin-C32 on the 2Miners pool
<code>lolMiner -a C32 --pool --user 2aHR0cHM6Ly...5kVllZanFQQm1ldHRCNWJjMjE2.workerName</code>
<code>lolMiner --coin GRIN-C32 --pool --user 2aHR0cHM6...1Q3BLeW5kVllZanFQQm1ldHRCNWJjMjE2.workerName</code>
  • Start mining BeamHash I with DEFI personalization on Sunpool:
<code>lolMiner -a BEAM-I --pers GrimmPOW --pool --user 32f2e8765c2e8...50ee917af23b260ecb3a5f.workerName</code>

After you finish the setup and run the bat file, you will see the following.

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