Installing and configuring ETHminer for AMD and NVIDIA.

An open source application called Ethminer is used to mine currency using the Ethash algorithm. Ethminer lacks any options to control graphics cards such as overclocking, fans, power reduction, etc. unlike popular Ethereum mining apps like PhoenixMiner and Claymore Dual Miner. Any coin that uses the Ethash algorithm, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Callisto Network and others, can be mined with this app.

System requirements to run.

Video cards The application supports all video card architectures, including Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal and Turing. Mining Ethereum requires a minimum of 4 GB of VRAM.

Driver specifications

1) For embedded cuda 8.0, NVIDIA driver 376.51 or newer (Windows). 2) NVIDIA driver version 398.26 or newer for compiling cuda 9.1 (Windows). 3) NVIDIA driver 411.31 or newer for embedded cuda 10.0 (Windows). 4) Adrenaline 18.6.1 is the recommended AMD driver.

Running programs (x64)

For Linux and Windows, the software was built using cuda 8.0, 9.1 and 10.0.

Works on Windows 7 and 10

Linux distributions: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 17.10 and 18.04 have been tested.


1) Mining program – see the first step below.

2) MSI Afterburner is an overclocking program. It has excellent power and temperature control, which is critical to protecting your graphics cards and maximizing hashrate.

3) Evaluated the overclocking setting

1) Power Limit (maximum allowable power consumption): 0

2) Temp Limit (maximum temperature): 75°C. See here and here for safe temperature ranges.

3) Core frequency (core overclock): 0, which does not affect Ethereum;

4) +2000, +2100 for memory frequency (memory overclocking).

With these settings, the Nvidia GTX 1080 TI performed well.

Detailed instructions for installing the application.

1) Download the miner. Unzip this software after downloading it.


The .bat files used to run the software can be found in the folder containing it. The pool and the coin can be seen in the file name (we configured only for Ethereum, the rest of the coins are configured by analogy).

You must change the wallet in the batch file with any text editor to reflect your own. Help – The manual, which we translated into Russian, is included in the folder along with a help file that lists all available commands (in English).

2) Choice pool.

3) Setting. Windows virtual memory.

The virtual memory in Windows must be increased to at least 4.5 GB (ideally 5 GB) x (number of cards) before you can run the application. For example, some algorithms require at least 27 GB for a 6-card farm.

All Control Panel Items in Control Panel. Advanced system settings for System, then “Options” and then another “Advanced” tab.

Click “Change” after finding the virtual memory settings. Check the box next to “Specify size” and uncheck the box next to “Automatically choose paging file size”. Specify the required size in MB (example for 6 cards – 45000). Select “Install” from the menu. Restart your PC or farm.

Now we have to set up the .bat file.

bat file setup.

1) The ethminer.exe command directs to the program that will be launched for mining. 2) Specify the protocol type for connecting to the pool using stratum1+tcp:/. 3) 0x617b3704e249d5274f5de94ec1d5f5fa9be8a357 – identifying the protocol type, we provide the address of our mined coin. 4).rig1 – put a dot after the address and the identifier of our farm (any one to track statistics on pools). 5) – insert the “@” character after the identification and then the pool address. 6):9999 – specify the pool port and pool address after the colon. 7) Command pause is optional. In case of a problem, this allows you to leave the miner’s console window open. The miner will simply close and not display any description unless the “pause” command is given.

Launch and console information.

Double click the .bat file containing the coin:

Unlike PhoenixMiner and Claymore Dual Miner, this app offers a lot of information in the console.

Our hashrate, the pool we’re connected to, and time are all visible. The thread name, which appears to be incorrectly set on Windows, is unknown.

Program commands have been checked. Let’s continue the tradition and list each command in the paragraph below.

All command line options.

There can only be one command input if there are two commands per line. Its synonym is second. Example: Both -h and -help are equivalent. Type -h or -help for help.

Information details:

1) -h, –help Display help text, then leave.

–api-bind Implement the API.

Multiple devices

1) Using just OpenCL, mine and test (AMD).

2) -U,—cuda Only use CUDA (NVIDIA) for mining or testing.

Pool connection:

1) -P, – pool For Stratum connections to pools, specify the pool address, and for solo mining – http-address.

Communication is established in accordance with the plan:

1) stratum1+tcp://[user[.workername][:password]@]hostname:port[/…]

2) protocol://[wallet[.worker][:password]@]pool_address:port[/…]

Use the ethminer –help-ext command for a description and some examples of how to complete these settings.

First, help-ext Show the manual for one of the following situations:

Support options include “con”, “test”, “cl, cu, api”, “misc”, and “env”. 1) “con” – Relations and definitions 2) “test” – Additional tests 3) OpenCL advanced options (‘cl’) 4) “cu” stands for advanced CUDA options. 5) “api” – API and HTTP monitoring interface 6) “misc” – Additional additional options 7) Using environment variables with “env” -V, version Show the version of the program and then terminate it.

No opencl platforms found error To use CUDA exclusively, enter the -U command. Roll back the driver version to 18.6.1 if you have AMD graphics cards. Use the Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall the latest driver at the same time in safe mode.

The program exits after launch. Add a pause command to the end of the batch file if the application closes immediately after launch. In this case, instead of immediately closing the program, the error code and its description will be displayed.

Error exited waiting to cooldown a bit. Your wallet configuration is disabled. Enter your wallet address as directed.

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