TeamRedMiner 0.10.6: How to setup for Ethereum, Raven, Kaspa.

In this guide, you will learn how to install and use the TimRedMiner 0.10.6 and later cryptocurrency mining software. The mining software known as TeamRedMiner was created by Todxx and Kerney666 exclusively for AMD. With this program, you can mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ravencoin, Grin, Zcoin and others.

This software works on the command line. This means that you can execute it either from the Windows command line or from the Linux console, or you can use a Windows batch file (.bat) or a Linux Bash script to create shortcuts to the specified command lines.

TeamRedMiner 0.10.6

This release primarily adds support for CVP13 and VCU/BCU FPGA boards, and includes a fix to enable Kaspa mining on MiningRigRentals.

Key points of change:

  • General: Added fix for Kaspa mining on MiningRigRentals.
  • FPGA: Added Kaspa support for CVP13 and VCU1525 clones (BCU, BTU, ECU).
  • FPGA: Renamed E300 to E335C in preparation for supporting additional FPGA devices on E300 boards.
  • FPGA: Fixed TH53 temperature/voltage display bug.
GPU AlgorithmFee
Ethash on Polaris GPUs0.75%
Ethash on all other GPUs1.0%
Cryptonight R2.5%
Cryptonight v8 upx22.5%
Cryptonight v8 turtle2.5%
Cryptonight v8 half2.5%
Cryptonight v8 double2.5%
Cryptonight v8 rwz2.5%
Cryptonight v82.5%
Cryptonight heavy2.5%
Cryptonight haven2.5%
Cryptonight saber2.5%
Cryptonight conceal2.5%
Chukwa-512 (Turtlecoin)2.5%
Chukwa-1024 (Turtlecoin)2.5%

Setting up TeamRedMiner.


Step 1: Download the miner.

The program must first be downloaded from this GitHub site. Make sure you select the correct file for your OS. Download the .tar.gz file if you are using Linux and the .zip file if you are using Windows.

Step 2: Set up the Ethereum batch file.

Depending on the algorithm you are going to use for mining, you must select the appropriate script file (batch file). The .bat file for the binance pool example would look like this:

teamredminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u username1.worker_name -p x

Step 3: Launch TimRedMiner.

Edit this document (replace the username1 account name with your account name). You can also choose a different pool by changing the mining URL. After that, save the document as a batch file (.bat) for Windows or a bash file (.sh) for Linux.

We have to enter the following commands to create a batch file for ETH:

1) teamredminer.exe – The name of the start program. Please note that the program folder and the location of the batch file must match. 2) -a ethash – Following the -a switch, select the mining method. In this case, etash is provided because it is ether. 3) -o stratum+tcp:// – Enter the pool address. Ethermin is used as an example. 4) :4444 After the colon, enter to define the port of the pool. Etermin possesses 4444. 5) -u 0x0c19EfE277b4e64f26c93b3a48A26EeD310421c8 After -u is written the address of our wallet to which mining will be sent. 6) .trmtest After the dot, enter the name of the worker. You can specify any. It is required for the farm name and code that you will use to monitor pool data.

The TeamRedMiner batch file for the ethermine pool will look like this:

teamredminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0x0c19EfE277b4e64f26c93b3a48A26EeD310421c8.trmtest -p x

Setup for NiceHash

teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u 3LZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvy.trmtest -p x

This is an example for RVN:

teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u 3LZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvy.trmtest -p x 

1) The mining algorithm must be specified using kawpow. Ravencoin in this case 2) Log in to the Nicehash pool server at 3) 3385: Write the pool port. 4) 3LZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvy – as well as a wallet. Important! You must specify your BTC wallet, not the coin you are mining, when using nicehash for mining.


The mining algorithm is given by –algo or a shortened version of this command such as “ethash”, “kawpow”, “cuckatoo32” or “beamhash”.

Important! The long synonym -algo or the short -a should be used. Both should not be used at the same time.

-h, –help Display help screen and exit.


R Mode: RaveOS Teamredminer Update – Radeon VII 102 Mh, Radeon RX 6700 XT Ethash mining performance on select AMD GPUs is greatly enhanced by R mode. The work we have done so far is the most complex and complex. Only Linux is used.

At this time, we do not anticipate the possibility of porting R mode to Windows.

In an ethash mining setup, R-mode has many components to improve hardware performance. In other words, we have significantly raised the Ethereum hashrate. Without a doubt, this configuration is worth it. The downside is that sometimes the hardware, GPU, opencl version, or combination of kernel modules just won’t work. We expect R-mode to work 95-97% of the time. It usually works pretty steadily when everything goes according to plan.

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