MASTERNODES №2 – How to choose a profitable coin

MASTERNODES How to choose a profitable coin

MASTERNODES №2 – How to choose a profitable coin? In this article, we will delve into the topic of masternodes and learn how to choose a profitable coin.


How to choose a profitable and reliable coin

The higher the yield of the masternode, the less its reliability.

You can get excited by very good numbers and connect a masternode, the price of which will fall several times in a week. The higher the profitability, the higher the risks and less reliability.

Rules for choosing a coin

Do not install masternodes with very high returns

for example who promise to return the investment in a couple of days or weeks. Try to take with ROI = 500-1200% (return on investment 1-3 months).

Give preference to coins where high capitalization.

Than higher capitalization, the more popular and sustainable project because there are more people, money and faith in it. Such coins are more stable and less frequent are falling. On the other hand, the more reliable the project, the more expensive the entrance and less profitability.

Do not install masternodes of newly appeared projects.

Exactly they most often promise the highest returns, but the risks are too great. It is desirable that the project exists for at least 1-2 months. During this time, the whole “Hype foam” has time to fall and the real price and ROI are exposed.

Do not use projects that are so far on sale (not yet traded on the exchange) in a falling market.


  • There is no way to quickly sell income and take profits
  • The price of a coin is set artificially (there is a big risk that the price will fall off when entering the exchange).

Give preference to coins with good liquidity on the exchange.

AT without fail, before choosing this or that project, study the number and size of buy / sell orders and the spread between them. Need to understand how easy it is to later sell award coins (and for this should be liquidity) on the stock exchange.

Analyze project advertising companies

Projects with good marketing (advertising and support) and some special use besides “we are one more cryptocurrency”. By the way, there are very few such projects and it is not worthwhile to focus on their search. But the advertising of the project can always be appreciated. If the project is actively advertised, then it has good chances for growth.


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