What is better to mine?


What is better to mine?

Now there is a huge amount of all kinds of cryptocurrencies, of course there are already well-established fundamental coins, but even from them you have to choose what exactly you will mine. I think it’s clear that anyone who is engaged in mining wants to do it as profitably as possible, and accordingly the choice of a coin will depend on its profitability.
What does this profitability consist of, and it develops based on the complexity of the algorithm, which is constantly growing and the price of the coin itself, but thank God you won’t have to rack your brains, and even more so, to calculate complex mathematical equations, for you this will be done by a simple and clear service which most miners use: http://whattomine.com/ what is better to mine The name itself is translated from English “What is better to mine”, in general, the service is very simple and at the same time has quite serious functionality.
Here, everyone simply selects the model of their video cards and prescribes their number, in my case I indicated 6 AMD Radeon RX 580 video cards, then click on the “Calculate” button and see the result: What is better to mine Not only that, he immediately calculates the income per day taking into account electricity and without it, it can be seen from the list that it is best to get an Expanse coin, but since I don’t really believe in incomprehensible coins, I choose Ethereum stable from this list and I expect from her only growth. But not always, of course, I mine what is currently profitable, sometimes information about the future growth of some currently not very profitable coin leaks out and I naturally start mining for the future, and in general I try to mine several coins with different rigs, since cryptocurrency the market can be very unpredictable and sometimes you can make good money on sharp ups. It’s so easy and simple to choose which is better to mine without straining either your head or arm …

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